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Robot 505 is a fast action single player retro platformer set in the near future.
Where you play as a Robot named 505 that has turned on fellow robots.
The machines have taken over and are capturing humans and harvesting them for their brains, and using the brains in the production of Cybernetic AI Robots.
While being built, the brain that Robot 505 is implanted with wasn't fully wiped of it's memory...

Residual conscience and memory corrupt 505's AI systems,
giving 505 emotion and memories of life as a human.

Robot 505 turns on his fellow robots and begins his quest
to save what's left of mankind... Their brains.

Robot 505 Alpha DEMO

( This games is a Work in Progress and in early development. )

Quick and Dirty What's What

( AKA - Instructions / Guide )

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Minimap Added:

On major update is the addition of a minimap. The minimap helps a bunch with gameplay navigation, for it gives the player a bit more to view of the level area. At the moment it's just a map, and lets you know your placement. It can be turned on and off during gameplay by pressing “M” on the keyboard.


The minimap is pretty simple in terms of usage and execution. I exported my level tilemaps via Tiled as images. I then recolored and scaled them onto a sprite strip in Photoshop. Level tilemaps are 6016 x 6016 and the scaling of the minimap is 16X smaller. (376x376) Each level of the game corresponds to a specific frame of the minimap sprite animation. I'm pleased with the results.. It's pretty lightweight and efficient for it's purpose. :)


Story Art & Functions:

I put off the story and story art due to changes in direction of the game since day one. I didn't want to have to re-create story elements as the game evolved. With that said the game is at the point where the story and gameplay are pretty well set. I had been mulling over ideas for the story all along, and recently created the story board to help aid with the layout and structure of the story.


I haven't put the actual story text into the demo as of yet. I'm holding off for the “Official Demo Release” which I plan to have done within the next 20-30 days. Though, most of the artwork and layout of the story is in place. (aside from some fun animations :) )




Keyboard Control:

I'm severely struggling in this department. The biggest gripe from users is controls. I recently updated keyboard controls to WASD and moved the action keys to the opposite side of the keyboard “N,J,K, and L” to help with this... but it seems it's still an issue. I don't play a lot of games with my keyboard, aside from EVE or like first person shooters where WASD and a mouse are key. I developed the game with a controller in mind. It's just way easier considering I wanted the game to feel like an old retro console game.

My only other option is, implementing configurable keyboard controls... Accessible from the start / options screen. I am taking any feedback in this department. If there is a better setup for keyboard controls – I'm all ears.

In other news :

I was recently approached by Mozilla about bringing Robot 505 to their Firefox desktop app marketplace. Seems the people over at Mozilla really dig Robot 505, which is awesome! It's a neat opportunity to see what kind of traction the game will get when placed on a marketplace with 300+ million users. I'm a tad excited and overwhelmed – for it means I actually have to finish the game ;) Considering this is my first real game that people actually play... The pressure is on. Plus it's given me an added boost of motivation, along with helping me decide on the things in game I was unsure about. What stays, what's a good feature, and what could be added to increase gamer experience.

Demo Update : (from v0.1.505a to v0.1.7a)

I forgot to post this before...

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed inverse image effect on start for Quantum CPU
  • Fixed 1st Level elevator return – A 3 tier elevator would not return when player was positioned at bottom
  • Fixed Jump & Speed boost issue on death. Speed and Jump boosts are now removed on death.
  • Fixed Jump Pad - double jump bug. In some cases, on landing after a jump on jump pad, jump increase, some times stayed applied to player.
  • Fixed Grenade 0 ammo Bug – When Grenade launcher was collected but out of ammo selecting through weapons would allow for a single grenade shot.
  • Fixed Holo-Spawn next level bug – If a Holo-Spawn was dropped and you advanced to next level. Holo-Spawn would show on initial level entry. Also prevented spawn drop.
  • Fixed Main Boss Defeated Bug – After beating boss – exit remained closed. Now opens.
  • Fixed Boss Defeat score board bug – Score board didn't reflect that round was complete. Stated Level 1 was.
  • Fixed “Can't Kill” Quantum CPU bug – Sometimes the QCPU wouldn't die when HP < 0
  • Fixed Holo-Spawn if door closed for mini boos and spawn point was out side of that area, player could not re-enter mini boss area
  • Fixed “Level Item” HUD image – now shows item collected.
  • Fixed Level overlap / Exit Elevator bug – if player was overlapping the level and pressed down on exit elevator – player could get stuck and not exit level.

Added :

  • Added elevator control. If the player is moving up or down up you can press the opposite direction to change elevator direction instantly. Used to have to wait.

Links to game :

Scirra Arcade (online play with high scoreboard) : Bit.ly

Itch.io (online play & downloadables) : Bit.ly

That's it for now. Stay tuned for their will many updates to follow as I nail down the Official Demo Release.

Robot 505 Demo Update v0.1.505a

Robot 505 Demo Update v0.1.505a

News 2 comments

I'm a little late, but a new demo is available to play! 3 levels and a Boss Level – along with the mini boss (on level 1). Made some changes, optimized...

Devlog Update 6/7/15

Devlog Update 6/7/15


It’s been about 2 weeks since my last Robot 505 update. Rest assured there is a reason for the brief hiatus. I’ve been plugging away on refining...

Robot 505 Progress Report

Robot 505 Progress Report

News 4 comments

I took a short break from game development and focused attention on promotion for the game. I was getting a little burnt out...

Crushers Fixed! (again)

Crushers Fixed! (again)

News 4 comments

Fixed those pesky crushers! I was getting quite a bit of feedback on the crushers / stampers. There was confusion as to why they kill on contact even...


I enjoyed the last version a lot! It feels very polished and responsive.
One small comment: I was a bit confused that the floating bubble was an enemy. To me it locked like a collectable item.

One general question: How do you feel about giving the player the option to cicle weapons which he/she found or just activating the one which was found last? Especially in a fast paced platfomer?

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cfarina Creator

Thanks for playing and the feedback! I have been thinking about the weapon selection a lot along with the current keyboard control.

At first I had it automatically switch to the last weapon collected, but I was afraid that if the player favored the current weapon / automatically switching may obscure the player experience.

You are able to cycle through weapons by pressing Y on a controller (xbox controller) or K on the keyboard. With that said I have been having issues with the keyboard control layout - which I feel leads to many of these issues. I need to re do the directions and perhaps make the controls configurable by the player. Thoughts?

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Looks great! Nice touch having the music change when you're on an elevator :D

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cfarina Creator

Thank you!

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Love the visual style of the game!Tracking!

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cfarina Creator

Thanks a lot!! Abyss Raiders looks freaking awesome!

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My creator no longer has an account - but he still makes stuff Makeshit.tumblr.com And yes, Robot 505 is still active, slow but active

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