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A first or third person adventure, with a tinge of mystery and investigation. Follow John on his journey to find his sister through puzzles, combat and investigation, discover what is happening in that hermetic city. Using the technology of Unreal Engine 4, the development team at Nightwolf Games has put all their effort to publish this, their first game for large platforms. Join John, hit the road to Hollow Hills!

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Asusta un montón me a gustado lo bien que esta hecho.

I played this a few versions ago when the environments were still in the brighter grey color scheme. It has come a long way from there! The newest update (.63?)looks excellent! Even better, it plays smoothly and has many of the things I love about Silent Hill games in it. The early city street map was just about spot on to the Silent Hills trailer at the end of the PT demo. Way to go Developer!! Can't wait for the full game!


WetWookie1988 says

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I have to say, this was a very VERY interesting and atmospheric game. The Unreal Engine 4 makes this game pop visually and is definitely a treat for the eyes. Most of the sounds are good, especially towards the beginning of the game before you head to the apartments. Now this is why I only rate this an 8, the puzzles were a bit too cryptic and if I didn't look them up while playing, I wouldn't have gotten the answers, and that's not really a deal breaker at all! I really enjoyed the binary puzzle that was in there, that was cool! I did enjoy the monsters, as they made me nope a few times for sure. I think my biggest thing with this game that I didn't get, was the story. Really confusing, really loose. I know this is an indie game, and a free one at that so I don't really have a lot to complain about as I'm sure the awesome guys at Nightwolf Games are probably hard at work polishing the rough edges! I do recommend this game to some of my friends who don't play horror games for sure. Still, I'm confused, what was the 3296 written on the wall for? Anyways, that's just a quick review and I see great things for this project and studio in the future, keep up the good work guys!

Aun en desarrollo pero promete mucho


I was waiting for the game like Silent Hill, since Silent Hills was canceled, yea this game is pretty buggy, but I trust to the dev team of this game, hope they gonna finish it.


A very nice game, for a free one. Very intense VR experience!! I do fully recommend this one!!


Mola cantidad :)


very nice game!

So much potential is in this and because of it being silent hill i really want to see more come from this, at the moment it has work that needs to be done but the creator is taking his time for it and i love it.


I wanna play it now! I Can't wait to try it with Oculus

I miss this kind of games.


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