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MY DAEMONS is a prequel to Rivers Under Roar
In MD, you have to survive in different environments as much as possible against all sort of daemons, the ones inside your nightmares.
It is a PvE but the world is semi-persistent and your actions while playing will influence other people's gameplay

The action takes place in all sorts of water based environments, rivers, oceans and some secret surprises. You start this odyssey without any tools or expertise and will gather experience, tools, weapons and vehicles to fight and defend against the environment, other players and even a copy of yourself.

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On cryogenic hold


My Daemons - On cryogenic hold

Unfortunately, the world was expecting but not prepared to receive My Daemons. The technology is not there yet, and even some we do not know if it will exist someday. Also, chatting with some business partners made us believe that our realistic permadeath feature would not be much desired by some (but not all) fans. We will rethink some of those and other issues and get back to the project sometime in the future. Most probably, we will just stick with the VR features and drop the realistic permadeath. Probably.

So, we have put My Daemons on a cryogenic hold

See you all soon, and in the mean time, we also uploaded the last development capture from MD to the project (see it here)

With that written, see you tomorrow for some #screenshotsaturday news

And if you really, really insist, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter

Small teaser update

Small teaser update


In MY DAEMONS, as you confront each daemon, you will evolve and confront tougher ones. MY DAEMONS plays through some “real” scenarios of RUR, and...

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