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In Risk of Rain, time = difficulty. The longer you play the harder it gets, do you tear through the levels as fast as you can or do you spend time collecting some of the many ability granting artifacts? With randomly generated levels, giant bosses and just one life. How far will you go?

RSS Risk of Rain Alpha Version

Alpha Version is now live! As always, please remember this is an early build, and all is subject to change. Any and ALL feedback is appreciated!

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Alpha Version

Alpha Version

  • Multiple Barb Wires and Toxic Worms should no longer crash
  • Glitches involving the ropes on the 3rd level have been fixed

Alpha Version

  • The 3rd level is now fully redone!
  • The Commando's FMJ boosted to 140% damage from 120%
  • The Commando's FMJ now knocks enemies back
  • The Commando's Tactical Dive now has its cooldown reduced by 0.5 seconds
  • The Miner can no longer fly
  • Enemy health scales faster, and enemy damage scales slower
  • The Key no longer repairs drones
  • 1 New Shrine
  • 4 New Items, the ‘Hero's Set' (not currently in item log)
  • 1 New Enemy
  • Fixed rope errors on 1st level
  • The Ancient Wisp now spawns small wisps on hit
  • The Alien Head is now rarer
  • Fixed Money Bags text file
  • The Jetpack now requires two to reach the same jump height as before
  • Fixed issues with Magma Worm noise levels
  • The Teleporter now has audio
  • Fixed some terrain issues in the 2nd level
  • Alt-Tabbing should now prevent audio from the menu
  • Drones no longer live after the player dies
  • Affixed enemies no longer have a chance to drop tier-1 items

You can download the latest version at: Mediafire.com or at our download page
Also check out our Tumblr! Riskofrain.tumblr.com
Check out our YouTube Channel: Youtube.com

As always, please remember this is an early build, and all is subject to change. Any and ALL feedback is appreciated


look risky

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Is awesome, believe me.
I've played like 8 hours so far
Is great when you get a nice combo of boosts

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I want to suggest an addon for the game.
Until now, the game is great, only crashed once for being an alpha version.
My suggestion is, when you die, depending on what score you did, and how many monsters did you kill, you get some reward for the next time you play, a different gun, better fire rate, etc.
For example the commando, he could level Up between each death, so the next time you play it gets a little easier to go further in the game.
That's my suggestion, nice game.
Bad optimized ;)
But nice game.

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