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Rising Storm is a mod for the soon-to-be-released title from Tripwire Interactive, Heroes of Stalingrad. It will bring the intense and realistic firefighting of 'Heroes of Stalingrad' to the Pacific Theater, 1942-45, pitting the US Army and Marine Corps against the Imperial Japanese Army and Special Naval Landing Forces. The bloody multiplayer battles will be fought out across the Pacific from the Philippines through to Okinawa and will feature all the innovations of 'HoS' and a few more of its own. The development team features some of the leading lights of the Red Orchestra modders along with some very strong candidates from the various CG communities that can be found across the world. There are over 20 of the top 'stars of the future' on the team, thanks to the support of Tripwire. The mod team team have been given advance access to the development tools to bring all the latest features of the Unreal engine to bear on this project, promising a superlative gaming experience.

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If you've ever playing Killing Floor 2 or Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad - then you'll know games by Tripwire Interactive and their modding community are visceral and fun. So some great news today is that our friends at Humble Bundle have Rising Storm Game of the Year Edition available for free right now!

You've got less than 48hours to grab it now from Humble Bundle, so get too it! ModDB may occasionally include affiliate links in article, which means we receive a small commission if you purchase by following such a link. We appreciate your support!

Banzai Community Mapping Contest for Rising Storm

Banzai Community Mapping Contest for Rising Storm

News 1 comment

Tripwire are once again bringing you a truly spectacular mapping contest, this time for Rising Storm, that will give all of the amazing talent in the...

Rising Storm Gameplay Preview

Rising Storm Gameplay Preview

News 2 comments

Rising Storm is an upcoming standalone expansion to Red Orchestra 2, created by modders and developers from Tripwire Interactive.

Rising Storm Available for Pre-Purchase

Rising Storm Available for Pre-Purchase

News 16 comments

Rising Storm is now available for pre-purchase on Steam.

Rising Storm on Steam

Rising Storm on Steam

News 6 comments

The Rising Storm store page is now up on Steam. Check out some of the details and key features of the game.

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TheUnbeholden - - 3,620 comments

Yes finally! A sequel: Youtube.com

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Guest - - 699,827 comments

I have one annoying problem. Every time I get into game (multi, single and even in menu) I experience constant freezes (duration 3-4 seconds) every 1-2 min, between the freezes it is all normal. IDK what to do. It seams it does not matter if I run it in max or lowest settings, it is always 40+ fps. I tried everything, runing in admin mod, deleting old inis, reinstalling my game, disabling sound and so on. But nothing helps. Every other game works perfectly, except this one, and I would really like to play it normaly without constant retardations. Please anyone help.

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Dzev - - 272 comments


Nice job on deleting my and others Steam community hub threads!
Make moar of these **** DLC's and sell it as the full game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-9 votes
xsnowblindx - - 18 comments

It's considered a standalone DLC like Farcry 3 Blood Dragon

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
-(TBS)-Jericho - - 355 comments

Technically it isn't a DLC, because it doesn't require RO2 and it isn't actually that bad.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes
MasterionX - - 107 comments

Activision and EA that way ->

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
Serathis - - 468 comments

Still waiting to see if there are tanks or vehicles.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Dzev - - 272 comments


The visuals of this are like this is a bad port of the console game, you just dishonor the UE3.
The close quarters battles even with first person cover system introduced in RO2 is not much to impress anyone today.
The teamwork and roles is almost none...
Vehicles? no...

Reply Good karma Bad karma-10 votes
cinco - - 880 comments

you're retarded and probably think the smudgy midget ******** in call of duty games looks good.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments

Still kinda ****** at how this and In Country were supposed to be free, now they cost as much as the game itself

A big part of the reason I got the game is "Red Orchestra 2 will have mod tools, and allow incredible mods" they then linked to this, and In Country, and said that they would be free for all owners of Red Orchestra 2.

Now both are going to cost as much as the game itself.

While the work on the mods is commendable, I can't help but feel the old "Bait n switch" tactic was used here.

Even the 40% off discount I receive for owning RO2 doesn't get rid of the feeling.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
VietViking - - 16 comments

In Country Vietnam will be a free mod. Incountrymod.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Cody1017 - - 6 comments

They never announced that this would be free.... And the In Country mod is still advertised on their website as a free modification.

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