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'Rise & Shine' tells the story of Rise, a little kid who finds himself into the task of saving the world of classic videogames from the merciless invasion of the bald space marines with the only help of Shine, the legendary pistol. The elevator pitch would be "A Limbo with guns", as we aim to mix ruthless and "realistic" gun combat with some puzzle solving using the different bullets the pistol can shoot. Story is a very important side of the game as this will be single player only, and the game will evolve following the main character's adventure while he tries to save his planet. Also, we are taking care of the graphics to the max as usual in our games, even making every scrolling level completely drawn as a huge illustration and not using any tiles or asset library at all. We are truly commited to make Rise & Shine our masterpiece and we hope you like what you see so far. Hopefully we'll be able to show you a gameplay video soon! Thanks

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It's been an incredible week for us at Gamelab in Barcelona, but having awesome creators like Tim Schafer, Keiji Inafune and Rami Ismail playing our game was nerd heaven. They all enjoyed their time with the game, so read what they said about it!

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Hi guys, After a very tiring videogame events week in Barcelona, we've just had the time to share the first gameplay video of Rise & Shine.

On this game, Rise is a small kid living in the world of classic videogames that finds himself lost in the middle of a war with the Space Grunts. Only with the help of the legendary gun, Shine, he'll be able to stay alive.

The game mixes pure shooting arcade with the use of different bullets to solve all the situations Rise finds on his path. It's story-based, single player, and packs a mean punch!

We also have had an incredible week in Barcelona's Gamelab and PAD Congress, where Rise & Shine got tons of buzz from public and press. We even won the Best of Show Award at PAD!

At Gamelab, we showed a really polished demo of about 15 minutes, with legendary creators such as Tim Schafer, Rami Ismail or Keiji Inafune playing our game and enjoying what they saw.
Do you want to read want they said? Ok!

- Rami Ismail (Super Crate Box, Luftrausers): Played the whole demo, gave us a lot of awesome feedback, posted on his Twitter account "This game is amazing" together with a picture of our logo...haha. You rock, Rami!
Rami Ismail

- -Tim Schafer (The Secret of Monkey Island): Played the demo for about 20 minutes, died a lot, sweared a lot, and said: "Beautiful game". Thanks, Tim!
Tim Schafer

-Keiji Inafune (Megaman creator): With a lot of cameras around, Keiji Inafune watched Rise & Shine's demo while I was taking him through it. It was the only game he saw in the whole show and repeated a lot the words "subarashi" (fantastic) and "kirei" (beautiful).
Keiji Inafune

So it's been an incredibly tiring week, but also one of the most awesome ever. We gave our everything into making something fun and enjoyable for people to play, so it was great seeing everybody's having a good time with our hard work. Of course we still need to polish some stuff and make this demo even better, but that's another story to tell.

Thank you!


Great :D I like much

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TKAzA Staff

That must be an awesome feeling, seeing those big names play your game!
The environments look painstakingly created.

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Kikekun Author

Yeah, it was incredible! I specially respect Rami Ismail and I'm a huge fan of his work, so it was great to see how down to earth and eager to help he is. Simply a good person, which is not always easy to find.

And yes, environments are hard work as they have to be completely drawn from scratch without using asset libraries or tiles, but we think it is worth the effort. Makes the players eager to explore a world that is different with every step. Technology is there already, but I guess we are the only ones crazy enough to do something like this...haha.

Thanks for the comments!

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Only played 2 minutes since Gamelab was a nonstop thing haha, This guys are pretty incredible and very human.

Was a pleasure to be with all of you in there.

Good luck with the project and my most sincere regards :)

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