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Rift Rush is a first-person platformer designed for use with the Oculus Rift, but it doesn't require one to play. Race through endless worlds, constructed Story levels, and crush your friends in the Mario-Kart styled Multirush! Rift Rush is currently available in an ongoing development state. Its Kickstarter was successfully 423% funded as of April 2013, and is using Desura for its monthly update process.

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0.5b Patch Notes (July 2013) (Games : Rift Rush : Forum : Announcements : 0.5b Patch Notes (July 2013)) Locked
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Jul 31 2013 Anchor

Just a few updates. Content next month!

  • Added a magnetometer calibration feature at the main menu to fix the occasional yaw drift errors produced by the Rift.
  • Added support for the Oculus Configuration Utility -- run it first, and your settings will carry over in-game. (The default still loads if you haven't run it, and is still changeable with the - and = keys.)
  • Added some more artwork and music, courtesy of Gianna and Chris. More to come with every patch!
  • Changed some collision math/logic. (No more bouncing off the bottoms of platforms with your head!)
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