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Rift Rush is a first-person platformer designed for use with the Oculus Rift, but it doesn't require one to play. Race through endless worlds, constructed Story levels, and crush your friends in the Mario-Kart styled Multirush! Rift Rush is currently available in an ongoing development state. Its Kickstarter was successfully 423% funded as of April 2013, and is using Desura for its monthly update process.

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Rift Rush 0.3b (May 24, 2013) Changelog (since 0.2b on April 26, 2013):

(NB: If you're a $10 backer, this is the last update you'll see from us that includes a build. We love you anyway -- feel free to drop us a line if you'd like to upgrade for less-than-full cost.)

- Multirush added! Multirush is an endless-rush style mode for 2-32 players. (Yes, 32. No, we haven't tested it with that many.)- To play, have one person choose the MULTIRUSH (server) cube in Mode Select. Other players should choose MULTIRUSH (client). Enter your name and the host's IP -- the host will need to forward UDP port 673 from his router to his machine in order to host successfully. The cube that spawns is your ready button; it'll turn green when you're ready, and stay red if you're not. The host can launch when everyone's ready.

Players spawn in a series of Endless Rush levels in a game to 30 points -- winning awards 5, second awards 4, third awards 3, and so on. Players placing sixth or worse receive no points. Collect creation points (green cubes) mid-level to enhance your abilities for future rounds! Also, you get ten points per person who finishes before you per race. (50 points goes a long way toward making that sixth-place player catch up!)

When you finish a race, you spectate whoever's in last until the race ends. (The race ends when all but one player are finished.) You have 20 seconds to choose powerups for the next round before it automatically starts! (You can ready up prior to that, too.)

- Multirush has 8 powerups, granted by the Yellow cubes in game:
- Silver Speed and Gold Speed grant temporary movement bonuses.
- Lightning slows all other players (and makes their screens glow yellow for a bit).
- Superjump makes you jump really, really high.
- Homing Shot (box with a wiggly trajectory icon) goes after the person immediately in front of you and briefly stuns him.
- Crown Shot (box navigating past other boxes) goes after whoever's currently in first and does the same thing.
- Rapidfire allows you to shoot lots of non-homing shots at your opponents, allowing you to stunlock them.

Press F (keyboard) or Y (360 Controller) to use all powerups. You can see which you have by the icon that appears on your screen.

All shots cause the affected player's screen to flash red and play a sound in addition to rendering that person unable to move for one second.

Custom games (duration, powerups available, starting level, etc) will be available in a future release. So will capital letters in your names.

Automatic game-joining (matchmaking) will also be available in a future release, supported by a third server that'll help servers and clients communicate.

We had a chat system/chat log in Multirush, but it feels horrible while wearing a Rift. Please use Skype or similar instead. :D

Story: Time Extension powerup has been replaced by Buff Duration. Makes red/blue cubes last 20% longer per rank. This also applies to Multirush.

In all modes, choice cubes (powerups, menu options, etc) now spawn in all six directions. (This change may go away if folks don't like it.)

What's coming next time (6/29)?

For the June build, we're looking at implementing the contributions of the talented artist and musician we've brought on board for Rift Rush. (We're sadly not quite there yet.)

We're also looking to add many more Story Mode levels, as well as implementing a proper hub that ties it all together (and, you know, actually begin to provide a story). We'll also be making lots of Multirush improvements, including customized game parameters and matchmaking. (The parameters will be there for sure come June -- the matchmaking may take a tic longer.)

Thanks so much for playing! Feel free to use the forum on Desura to organize some Multirush play. It's far from perfect, but it's pretty fun. We're working on it!


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