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Rift Rush is a first-person platformer designed for use with the Oculus Rift, but it doesn't require one to play. Race through endless worlds, constructed Story levels, and crush your friends in the Mario-Kart styled Multirush! Rift Rush is currently available in an ongoing development state. Its Kickstarter was successfully 423% funded as of April 2013, and is using Desura for its monthly update process.

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0.2b Patch Notes: April 26, 2013 (Games : Rift Rush : Forum : Announcements : 0.2b Patch Notes: April 26, 2013) Locked
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Apr 26 2013 Anchor

Hi, everyone! These patch notes contain the major changes since April 12.

First and foremost: We've signed on an artist! Using your Kickstarter pledges, we've lured Gianna Michèle Kaye onto the team. Her work's going to make Rift Rush gorgeous. (The cloudscape attached to this post is her work!) Now then.

Actual Patch Notes:
- Skybox! Things are now 40% prettier. (This is a placeholder skybox. See below for what the real ones will feel like!)
- Endless: Now 3 platforms wide (up from 1). This gives players a little more freedom to choose their path through a level.
- Endless (Easy difficulty): No longer shakes the world into oblivion when you run out of time. Great for Rift first-timers who just want to explore.
- All Modes: New platforms and collectibles!
- Green Platform: shrinks/grows. Jump on with caution!
- Blue Collectible: Antigravity pickup. Temporarily disables gravity (1 second).
- Red Collectible: Rocket pickup. You'll uncontrollably shoot forward! Decays over the course of two seconds. Be careful with this one.

The Green Collectible is still worth Creation Points for powerups at the end of the level, and is the only one that counts as a "bit" in Story Mode (Though the 4.26 Story levels aren't in this build, so that's moot).

- Story Mode: 13 new levels! These include some levels with very different perspectives. Free Fall, Swan Dive, and WEEEEE are skydiving levels -- look down and don't hit the stuff in your way! T-Minus and Blastoff are at the end of the level set for a good reason; they're super experimental. Play them if you get a chance, and tell me if your neck hurts. (They both involve you looking relatively upward.)
- Story Mode: All platforms now somewhat larger for sake of difficulty curve.

- Rift Stereo controls: We've pulled in the controls you have access to in the Oculus demos. (Well, okay, they've always been there, but we're going to tell you how to use them.)
- F1, F2, F3: Disable Stereo mode/Stereo without distortion/Rift mode (stereo with distortion)
- [, ]: adjust FoV
- =, -: adjust interpupillary distance
- HYJUKILO: adjusts the various optical radial coefficients (you probably do not need to use these)
- shift: increases adjustment speed for the above

- Better Pause Control: Pausing now allows you to return to the main menu, the story hub, or even to exit the game. (Yeah, you can return to the Story hub from Endless. We figured it was harmless enough to leave in for this build.)

I think that about covers it. Enjoy, everyone!

cloudscape concept

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Apr 26 2013 Anchor

Already enjoying it a lot without my Rift!
Everything looks much prettier now... keep it up.

Why is it possible for me to jump beneath the platforms?

May 22 2013 Anchor

Yet to receive my Rift so cannot really give decent feedback, but was wondering if the sound of wind when you are moving forwards would enhance the immersion. The sky diving level on Story Mode looks pretty awesome but felt difficult with a mouse :)

Keep it up!

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