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Laugh your silliest evil laugh when playing Ridiculous Catapult Simulator as your enemies fall hilariously to their rag-doll knees under a barrage of bathtubs. Defend your castle and wreak havoc in the 3D pastel-colored world with ingenious ammo combos as you work to build a deck of destruction!

You know what makes a great weapon when you throw it? Anything, that’s what. If it fits, it flies. Start out with a crazy assortment of ammo and add to your arsenal as you level up, flinging and slinging your way to victory!

Any castle defender can crush an enemy with a giant bathtub. It takes that real 300 IQ to throw a car battery at an already launched bathtub to create a deadly electric puddle that will zap your enemies right out of commission.

You’ll have to experiment to become an expert enemy exterminator! Choose your inventory deck carefully and see what damage you can deal as you combine seemingly innocent items from your inventory to create surprisingly deadly effects.

There are no limits to your experimentation, amaze the developers themselves with your creativity! What happens when you launch a car from your catapult and then a meteor at that? There’s only one way to find out—STAND BACK!

Ridiculous Catapult Simulator can be like your ammo, whatever you want it to be! Want to maniacally launch random ammo and watch the world burn? Go for it! Or maybe you are a little bit of a catapult scientist yourself who’s always wanted to know what makes a bigger BOOM—a piano or a box of fireworks? Experiment away, and take requests from the audience while you’re at it!

With Ridiculous Catapult Simulator the world is your ammo deck, all ages and gamer levels are welcome. Grab a piñata or whatever else you can imagine and let’s cause some chaos!

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Enemy Overview – The Mob



Welcome to a brand new Enemy Overview article. Who’s trying to attack our castle this time?

It’s...the Mob!

Don’t let hilarious looks fool you. Behind the facade of silliness, the Mob Enemy is really...well, actually they are still ridiculously silly, but they are very, very weak and cowardly. The weakest enemy in the game in fact.

If you want to practice your aim, they are the perfect targets. Sometimes, they don't even run away from incoming projectiles. They will just cower in fear awaiting the final crash of a flying car. On the other hand, who wouldn’t? But at least they have each other. You'll never see a Mob enemy without the rest of his gang around. Pillage together, crushed by crazy combos together.

Now let's have a serious discussion: “The Mob—are they lvl 1 crooks or lvl 100 bosses?”

Share your thoughts in the comments below and join the Discussion on Steam and Discord.

Enemy Overview series

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A Ridiculous Story of Throwing Stuff


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Wild new Ridiculous Catapult Simulator screenshots have appeared!

Wild new Ridiculous Catapult Simulator screenshots have appeared!


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