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When Rex's delicious gumball collection is stolen by an evil alien army, he dons his powerful dinosaur costume and becomes the intergalactic superhero Rexzilla in order to get them back! Also, a pixelly 2D platformer.

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MasterTapeworm says

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Still how that cute dinosaur guy forgot these guns to get better gameplay, something like a jackrabbit or a earthworm. Or even you must have a life system for him. Can you soon add a patch that will feature French, German, Italian and other languages please? But I need something to say yet: "Weak gameplay. please insert these Asterix refrences to get polished thing like: The our heroic gaul punches the Roman into the skies...".

Some kinds will do something perfectly if you can fix that issue without your tissue if far away you cry...

I love the pixel art, the theme and the narrative elements, buy I hate to much the controllers, something in the jump is not working well for the flow of the game, I wanna play more but the killing was to hard because of the bad jump.

Final though I love the game, fix the jump and the collision with enemies please! :D

Rexzilla is a game about OCTOPUS and collecting gumballs. See my HD video review below!


There are so many reasons this game deserves a 10/10 rating. The graphics are *truly* retro - the game takes me straight back to my childhood gaming days. But it doesn't stop there! The story is cute and engaging, the music is top-notch, and the gameplay is perfectly wonderful.
THIS is the way games should be. And at such an incredibly reasonable price. . . what are you waiting for? LOVE THE INDIES! ;D


This game does have some minor issues with its options and the audio is a little too loud when trying to record gameplay footage, but overall, the game is excellent.

A very nice challenging platformer

A neat looking game wiht quite some cuteness to it. I love it :D


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