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This game is an alpha state! Everything is subject to change.

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A realtime strategy game about building your base, upgrade your technology and attacking your enemys on MOBA like maps.

- Create your own units and lanes.
- Build up your base and econemy( 3 resources ).
- Research new weapons and technologys, which gives you an advantage over the enemy.
- Conquer the neutral buildings on the lanes to get their special ability.
- Defending your base with towers & more.
- Break your enemys defence with siege machines.
- Focus on Multiplayer to allow exciting competetive matches.

Design of the combat between the players:

You give your production buildings a command, which lane/way the spawned units shall go. So you are only indirect able to control your units. Individual Units will stay completly under your control like the builder and the priest(which converts neutral buildings).
Once a production building is finished it can produce units without gold cost. But bear in mind to not run out of manpower. The constructor builds single siege machines.

The player has to create his own lanes from multiple waypoints on the map. So you can use for example a path between the lanes to change the lane at some point or creating longer ways to let your units move more on the lanes before possible dying in the base of the enemy. Start point is always the own base and the end point an enemy base.

Why the name "Revenge of Lords"?

You will be able to pick a lord, and play with him to achieve his revenge. Each player on the map represent a lord. And if you progress far enough in the match, you will be able to release him as a unit to defeat your enemys.

Current status of the game:

The game is current in an alpha state. All basic features are implemented.

More information soon!

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Every unit has a body and equipment. The body can be for example a guard, cavalier or a farmer.
You can choose a body and attach different equipment on it. Like weapons and armor.
These bodies and equipments have to be researched and every building has a different selection from the equipment and bodys.
You cant choose a cavalier in your barack, because its stable exclusive.

The goal is to create a Rock, Scissor, paper principle combat system, but not a static one.
It should feel more dynamic and that is what I try with the unit creator.

The goal is to present multiple viable unit combinations, which makes matches of Revenge of Lords more varied.

In most RTS games you have a small choice of finished units and in some you just build the counter unit.
If you played the game for some time you know every unit and his counterparts.

In Revenge of Lords are much more variants of units. You have to interpret the enemys units and combine your researched equipment to build suitable units to counter them.

There are two important properties which every equipment has:

Weight: Depending on the body the movement-speed and the attack-speed is reduced.
Buildtime: How much buildtime adds this part to the overall buildtime.

Different Weapons counter different armor and vice versa.
Shields adds a block with lifepoints.
Axes do additional damage to shields
Fire arrows can set enemys on fire.
and so on ...


Maybe you come to the opinion that the players are gonna change the designs all the time to counter the enemy, but in Revenge of Lords, the buildings gain more efficient in building the specific unit everytime the unit has finished training. By changing equipment the building looses the collected efficient.

Status and near future

Status and near future


News about what is working by now and which features are in the pipeline.


looks intersting will this by on greenlight on steam?

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