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Return to Tolagal is a casual roguelike for mobile that I have been building so I have something to play on the bus. It's designed to have a touch friendly interface, but you can also play it using the keyboard and mouse.

It is built using ImpactJS & runs in your browser.

Key features

  • Randomly generated dungeons.
  • Turn based, tactical gameplay. Every move counts!
  • Lots of different monsters, and monsters can randomly have different traits to mix things up even more.
  • Randomly generated items.
  • Roguelike beginner/casual friendly.

Story & setting

The setting is inspired the atmosphere created on the Europa shard of Ultima Online by the Orcs of Tolagal & other crossroads of Yew (CoY) roleplaying guilds. In the game you play the part of an unkown adventurer seeking fame and wealth by exploring the ruins of the old Orc fortress of Tolagal. Will you become a famous adventurer, or will you end up dying in a pool of your own blood? (You will probably end up dying in a pool of your own blood)

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20k views on newgrounds!


I posted Return to Tolagal on Newgrounds at the start of the new year and it was really well received! There have been lots of great reviews and comments from players which have helped really helped me improve the game. Loads of great suggestions!
On top of that, the game got featured on the front page for a week and managed to get over 20k views!

The great feedback from Newgrounds users has motivated me to finish off the game and I'm now at the point where I just need to add more content to finish it off :)
Try out the game at newgrounds: Newgrounds.com

The Tolagal todo list

The Tolagal todo list


A quick dump of what's left in my project plan for Return to Tolagal

Return to Tolagal demo up

Return to Tolagal demo up


A demo of Return to Tolagal is up on mattahj.co.uk!

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