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An outbreak of unknown origin has triggered a panic across America. Violent riots happen hourly. What little government left begins rationing food and supplies. Within weeks the government has fallen victim to the outbreak, leaving the rest of the country to fend for itself. Small towns are created to protect survivors. Carol and her husband William volunteer as medical personnel during the crisis. William is sent as an EMT to recover a group of survivors in a nearby town but does not return. Horrified at the news, Carol frantically attempts to leave the safe zone to find her husband but is restrained. Six weeks pass, in which time she is put on an antidepressant. One night, Carol overhears a rumor that survivors were spotted near where William went missing. She fills a backpack with a few tools and escapes in hopes of finding him. Mechanics include puzzle solving to overcome obstacles and using common items like a box cutter to survive.

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It's been awhile, huh? Well I've got a bit of news to share!

I haven't been actively working on the demo for a few months now, but I recently got the motivation I needed to continue this project. My personal life has had a few ups and downs but this time I'm ready to commit to getting this demo out in the next few months with more frequent updates.

Now here's the changes: What you see in this screencap, almost everything might be changed before I release the demo. You might be thinking it looks good as it is but I've been running into performance issues for the last few weeks and I've learned so much about the Unreal Engine since I started that it makes sense to do a complete overhaul of this demo. The better it is the more likely people will want to see the full game.

With everything I've done on the project so far, one thing remains that I cannot do myself: I need someone who knows how to program in C++ and can assist in the development of the game. Inventory systems are beyond me, sprinting is brain numbing to do in blueprints, and the entire method of "get a key and some door somewhere will unlock" is not only difficult for me to wrap my head around but is also impractical and illogical when a much simpler and straightforward system could be put in place. Some ideas like having a first person camera where you can look down and see your body are impossible for me to accomplish, along with being able to physically interact with the world by stacking boxes and doing physics based puzzles. It's all very confusing and I wonder if it's at all possible with the blueprint system.

As it stands I am currently on the lookout for a programmer who can work in the development team and help make something more interesting than a steam greenlight game that was thrown together over the weekend. Yes, right now I cannot afford to actually pay anyone but with enough hype for the demo and if the project gets enough attention I want to launch a kickstarter so everyone can get their fair share and have more motivation to continue and finish this game.

I know it's possible.

More updates soon.

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