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Retro-Pixel Castles is a brutal village/town simulator with RPG and roguelike elements. Some Key Features: You CAN'T win! Yeah, that's right. Not being able to win is a feature! Survival. In Castles, you'll find yourself in a harsh and unforgiving environment, constantly trying to find new ways to keep your little villagers alive for just a few more days. Build a village... A major part of the game is village management, and trying to discover new ways to keep yourself alive as long as possible. Huge, hand crafted maps! Each map is 512x512 tiles wide, leaving tons of space to play on. Built-in map editor. Included in the game engine itself is a very robust, feature filled map editor. The game will be released completely DRM free, and all content created for the game will come with your initial purchase. There will be absolutely no paid DLC and tons of free content patches! (See www.retropixelcastles.com for more details!)

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I've decided to simplify the game versioning system, making is a lot easier for people to identify what version is what, and it also helps me talk about upcoming updates a bit clearer.

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I've decided to simplify the game versioning system, making is a lot easier for people to identify what version is what, and it also helps me talk about upcoming updates a bit clearer. With the old system I could talk about "the upcoming update", but because version numbers were assigned based on the date released I couldn't say "The 11-5-2014 update" or something to that effect, because I would have no idea what the release date actually was. The new system will be a lot more clear for everyone.

As I said previously, the original system was done by release date. Meaning the official current version is "InDev 10-31-2014", released October 31st 2014. I've decided to go with a much more simple system, where stable releases are just going to be numbered, the first version being InDev 1, then InDev 2 and so forth with hot fixes or minor revisions being listed as InDev 2b, 2c and so on. One we move into deeper phases of development it'll reset back to Alpha 1, Alpha 2 then to Beta 1, Beta 2 then to Release 1 and so forth.

As for unstable builds, they will be marked as something along the lines of "InDev 10 U1" for "InDev 10, Unstable Release 1". But currently I do not have a system in place to give you direct access to these unstable builds, but I'll probably set something up in the future so that all Steam users can access the bleeding-edge versions just to toy around with them and find bugs. Keep in mind most unstable builds have serious flaws and many half coded elements in the game. It is a very bad idea to any serious gaming with them.

I've gone back down the history of past builds and put together where we should be based on this new system. So here's the conversion chart if anyone is interested;

InDev 6-21-2014 is now, Indev 1.
InDev 6-21-2014b is now, Indev 1b.
InDev 6-21-2014c is now, Indev 1c.
InDev 6-22-2014 is now, Indev 2.
InDev 7-10-2014 is now, Indev 3.
InDev 7-17-2014 is now, Indev 4.
InDev 9-22-2014 is now, Indev 5.
InDev 10-14-2014 is now, Indev 6.
InDev 10-14-2014b is now, Indev 6b.
InDev 10-26-2014 is now, Indev 7. (Note: This was the first Steam Release)
InDev 10-28-2014 is now, Indev 8.
InDev 10-28-2014b is now, Indev 8b.
InDev 10-31-2014 is now, Indev 9. (Note: The version you're on now)

and finally, this all means the upcoming version I am working on will now be referred to InDev 10. :)

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