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Retro-Pixel Castles is a brutal village/town simulator with RPG and roguelike elements. Some Key Features: You CAN'T win! Yeah, that's right. Not being able to win is a feature! Survival. In Castles, you'll find yourself in a harsh and unforgiving environment, constantly trying to find new ways to keep your little villagers alive for just a few more days. Build a village... A major part of the game is village management, and trying to discover new ways to keep yourself alive as long as possible. Huge, hand crafted maps! Each map is 512x512 tiles wide, leaving tons of space to play on. Built-in map editor. Included in the game engine itself is a very robust, feature filled map editor. The game will be released completely DRM free, and all content created for the game will come with your initial purchase. There will be absolutely no paid DLC and tons of free content patches! (See www.retropixelcastles.com for more details!)

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The last few days have been well spent working on the new farming and hunger mechanics. As with everything in RPC, farming had a ton of AI work that needed to be done, as well as some behaviors for hunger and starvation!

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In this update, I've added:

- Hunger, they now go home when they need to eat. If they have no home, they scavenge for scraps around or outside of town! Be careful, if you don't get your farms going before your villagers start to starve they may eat all the nearby food, dooming you in the long run!
- New farm building added, can now plant nearby crops and make them a renewable resource to keep your village running strong.
- The farmers will distribute food to all the homes nearby, and tend to the crops automatically. No player intervention required once you have a functional farm going!
- Happiness now is directly affected by hunger, now your villagers happiness will drop when they're hungry, so keep them fed!
- Villagers who's hunger hits zero will slowly starve to death.

Future farming plans:

- Many various farm building sizes, some small and quick to build, some large and resource intensive to build.
- Food storage building (Like the lumber storage, just for food of course.)
- More plant types! Currently we only have carrots, but that will change eventually.
- Animals/meats, these will be added someday after the core mechanics are all in place. Probably sometime during alpha.
- Farming flowers, for use in future decorative builds.

Quiet Village Farming

Day 3 working on farming.

A little bit of overkill late night farming.

Day 3 working on farming.

Some carrots all by themselves.

Day 3 working on farming. Day 3 working on farming.

A few early development shots from a few days ago.

Day 3 working on farming. Very early WIP shot of the farming system/AI.

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