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resistance is a game with really nice grapics and very realistic guns the meaning is to shoot enemy's and save cevailens you can even blow up computers or some wals if you wand:P it has 5 very nice levels PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK OF MY GAME Story: you joind the resistance and you are ready to fight the UD(the united dictators) you wil fight against human commando's, cyborgs and complete robots and much more to kill the dictators and save your country and others the game: nice story many guns realistic reloads of weapons nice bloodeffect nice AI its not going to be easy:P if you wand you can donate on my hompage with the donations i buy new software to make my game even better:D SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS!!!!!! you will need a pentium 4 i think a 2-3 Ghz a up-to-date video card and it works best on nvidia geforce 512Mb ram you wil need 430 MB free disk space if you wand to instal and play it

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back to work


now my exams are done i am back to work
i found better software to make realistic landscapes for my new outdoor levels
i am also making great progress for my new levels but it takes a lot of time making them
and i have some new created moddels in my game too
that look pretty nice i think

i have some new images on my page's if you like to view them Click here!

i will create much better landscapes but that will take some time

i dont know yet when i release me next version of my game

i hope you are looking forward to my next update!
and if you find some major bugs please tell me.

yours faithfully


new release!!!!!!!!!!

News 1 comment

my next release wil be at the begining of may i will add a funny training level and a few more levels with more guns and also something new: ALLIES who...

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Resistance v1.1 FINAL!!

Resistance v1.1 FINAL!!

Full Version 5 comments

my next full release of resistance v1.1 i hope you like this one better:P Red_Eagle

resistance v1.1 test

resistance v1.1 test

Full Version 1 comment

this is the working version of resistance

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jimye - - 12 comments

for great game

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overwatchunit - - 47 comments

I recorded a gameplay of your game at 1080p60.

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Guest - - 699,316 comments

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bfg666 - - 188 comments

Cevailens? What the hell is a cevailen?

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adfjkndjklnhdfs - - 820 comments

how is this a western game too :D and where are these really nice graphics?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dearnike - - 107 comments

kiddin? 250mb for this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
EvilAngel - - 600 comments


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CyberGameArts - - 50 comments

What is the engine called that you use?

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acrox999 - - 117 comments

Wow! Awesome! The graphics are just like Crysis 10!

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TheLeadHead - - 365 comments

I guess this game is just a joke
1. description says, realistic guns, but the guns are plain ********.
2. nice graphics... NOT!!!
3. nice levels... NOT!!!
4. Nvidia Geforce 512mb? What is this crap, It can be ran on a Nvidia Geforce 64 mb.

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Madnessassault - - 9 comments

hey man lay of the eagle, hes clearly making all this stuff by himself, and he's certainly done anything better then my failed attempts. so be constructive and cut him some slack.

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