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(An Old Page. Check our IndieDB page for the link to our updated blog!) It is 202X Recovered Era, and it has been decades since anyone has heard from the distant world, Obstratsky. No one knows what happened to the thirty or so colonies that were once active. You are a scavenger who has signed up with Mercury, a scavenger corporation. You seek out “holy grails” guarded by phenomena, both the believable and the bizarre. This isometric shooter with light RPG elements focuses on gameplay centering on the player’s fragility, with no leveling or skill tree to give them a leg up. Only resourcefulness and careful planning will help the player overcome threats that react to previous encounters.

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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by Skull Jockey on

Looking for digital artists experienced and flexible in style to provide sprites and related assets for an upper-resolution pixel isometric shooter with light RPG elements being developed in the Unity engine. Asset Artists will work with the creative lead and fellow team members across a virtual workspace to bring rough sketches, asset descriptions, and design outlines to life in concept art and in-game assets. Likewise, Asset Artists may be divided into groups in later development and given specific design tasks (depending on their individual skills/interests) such as creating frames for animated assets, developing/revising the UI, updating the game’s box cover and images across various platforms, and most importantly, higher-resolution character profiles for dialogue and interactions. Once our first title, Residual Blood, finishes development, any team member who is willing to stay with the team and who has left a good impression will be welcome to continue work on the second phase that RB is the predecessor to, an indie title of a more commercial nature.

Prior experience with Unity is preferred. Prior experience in modding and game development in general is preferred. Applicants should have a portfolio ready to view on a reputable hosting site (Indie/ModDB, ArtStation, NewGrounds, Pinterest, Imgur, etc). Portfolios should demonstrate stylistic flexibility and range. Experience with game assets, as well as upper-resolution sprites and isometric games in Unity, is preferred but not necessary. Applicants should be transparent about prior roles in their resume and be ready to discuss their prior role in referenced projects.

Skull Jockey is a small indie team with big ambition. Our current project, Residual Blood, is an equally ambitious isometric shooter with light RPG elements. It is a standalone demonstration of concept that will lay the asset and mechanical foundations for the proceeding game it is setting up. Work is done in week-by-week cycles with weekly goals for the development team while team members inform the rest of the team about progress made so far at least twice per week. We communicate through email and our development Discord server.

To Apply

Send a resume and a link to your portfolio to projectnoodleman@gmail.com