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100% Free Multiplayer. Built on the SAGE engine from the classic C&C Renegade with a lot of extra Buildings, Vehicles, Characters and Weapons. Even Naval and Air units are present for those great battles on the Sea and in the Air.

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Compared to all the other W3D Mods, there is a massive amount of unoriginal content here. There is also plenty of the original Renegade assets here.

Why is yet another mod being released by this developer that has so little effort put into it?

--------------Mod essentially contains NOCD crack for an original copy of C&C Renegade using correct files. 1/10---------------------------------------------

Can't believe this is even allowed. This "Mod" is literally Renegade with a few poorly made assets. This Team pretty much is stealing an entire game, throwing a few bad models and textures in and re-releasing this as their own work. I really hope EA catches own to this and finds a way to shut this down. This Mod is an embarrassment to all the hard working developers that work on the W3D engine.


This is a great game that brings back a great classic. The team has worked hard and continues working on making it a great game.


X1915 says

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This mod is not a true indie game. It still uses assets from the original Command & Conquer: Renegade. Furthermore, this game runs using a Renegade No-CD crack, which implies the mod is using original Renegade game files in order to run.


One_Winged_Angel says

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This game is essentially a free copy of C&C Renegade; a game that is not (yet) free. The developers of this game do not have permission to distribute Renegade freely. Piracy/10

Great game! Fresh and unique! Alot of people have spent alot of time trying to bring something new for the players! And this is it!


Baddog13 says

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Good for Renegade, lots of new character, vehicles buildings and defences. Hope
every one enjoys it like I do!

A small number of maps using recycled Renegade assets. Very little in the way of new content.

If the host of the game has to ask people to not use X vehicle from Y position that tells me you need to check your level design.

Lots of random audio snippets triggered by chat with little care for theme & cohesion.

Small playerbase where APC rushing is the only tactic. Gone are the glorious tug-of-war tank battles from Renegade of old.

Just to spite the unoriginal people complaining about nocd cracks and renegade content.

You guys do realize renegade is defacto abandonware?

The reviewers below are review bombers, but one guy stands out.
There is a guy there, who made publicity making his mod, and never released it, a C&C3; mod, and now has the gall to spew high horsed BS about justice.

DO yourself a favor and never truist review scores under 50 reviews in any case in life.

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