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On May 1st 2019, VRDB.com and SlideDB.com were closed. We no longer support VR, AR, iOS or Android only games. We are focused on PC, console and moddable games. If this is your project and you would like to release it on Indie DB, please contact us with the details.

In Release Me, you will control our round hero (a simple football really) and try to release the locked power cube(which is just a green colored cube) in a variety of stage settings and under a limited time.Along the way, you will encounter various enemies(which are actually moving cubes) and tread along treacherous paths and moving obstacles which will kill you in an instant hit. You can collect tokens to increase score and a freeze cube to freeze all the enemies for a limited time(handy, isn't it), and a key to unlock the cage(very important, can't win without it), and release and eventually collect the power cube.Features:• Fluid, graceful and exhilarating physics-based game play.• 30+ addictive stages• Enemy with plain as well as erratic movements• Easy to learn, difficult to master.• Collect tokens in hard to reach places.• Top Down camera + Side View Camera• Countdown timer for each stage.• Beautifully minimalist visual design.

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The file you are trying to download is not available on Indie DB. Only files related to content released on Indie DB are listed. Download Release Me on Mod DB.

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