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REDSIDE is a single story Top Down Shooter, action-thriller in the genre of "political thriller". The action takes place in an alternate universe in 1996. The world is on the verge of a conflict between the USA and the USSR. You need to play for the Soviet side, there will be no “cranberries” in the game/ Features: • Stealth elements: the player can hide in dark, unlit places, use silent weapons • Elements of tactics: the player can use cover for more accurate shooting and less damage, use special ammunition • In many tasks the player will have to control a variety of equipment (tanks, armored personnel carriers, armored vehicles, drones) • During the mission there will be unexpected turns and difficulties that change the game pace • Various mini-games (passing a minefield, overcoming the area under fire from a mortar, etc.) • More than 20 types of weapons, various ammunition, additional combat capabilitiesPlatforms - PC, Consoles

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