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There is a junkshop called ‘A Hundred Denarii' which was about to close for the day.
After the exhausted shopkeeper rang out the last customer and left the now empty place, there came a tumult of noise.
The noisemakers were the following.
The cutting board named ‘Jo’ which was once an arrow,
The pot named ‘Bi’ which was a recycled shuriken of Japanese make.
And the cleaver named ‘Cal’ made from the metal from a bullet.
Their wonderful story is coming!

“As you know, once I was…”

REDDEN's story starts with the talk by spoiled tools.
Be a tool embracing from the ancient times to modern times such as the arrow, shuriken, and bullet to make insufficient characters a hero in the legend!

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first update

We are preparing the first update for REDDEN!

It has been a week since release.
In that short time, thanks to your love and attention, we have received a lot of feedback.
We have prepared an update reflecting that feedback.

In this update:

1. The ability to change difficulty level.
REDDEN was made to be a very hard game, but we think it is important that beginners to action games get to enjoy the story without the frustration.
You can now select between Novice, Apprentice, and Expert mode.

2. The ability to switch between left or right-handed controls.
We have taken into consideration the difficulty of seeing what is coming if your hand is covering the screen, whether you are right or left-handed.

We will continue to fix bugs and improve the game.
We will be posting the upcoming update list here soon!
We really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for playing REDDEN! :)

REDDEN is released!

REDDEN is released!

News 3 comments

We've just released our first game 'REDDEN' in Apple app store and Google play store. REDDEN is a smart device-based game that a player becomes a tool(projectile...

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