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Red Spider: Vengeance is a Hong Kong Noir style Visual Novel.
It includes 6 story routes with each of the characters(approximately 105,000 words in total).
A sequel to this game, Red Spider2: Exiled has been released.

Website: Rpgdl.org
Required Software: Adobe Air Runtime


Yvet grew up as an orphan on the Mainland. She was taken in by a crime syndicate when she was young and trained as an assassin.
She killed many people, but she had her reasons for breaking out of that group. She escaped and married Francis, the leader of the Red Flower Society, an underworld mob that operated in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
One day, Francis was shot in a nightclub, and a doctor said that it was highly unlikely he would regain consciousness.
Yvet takes over his responsibilities and tries to find the person who was behind the shooting, with her bodyguards and a private detective she knew.



"I refuse to forgive whoever it was that laid hand on my husband. I'll do whatever it takes to expose them and send them to hell with my own two hands."

The heroine of this story.
She grew up as an orphan on the Mainland and worked for a death squad.
Francis's father, Yeung Kwun ,took her in after her breaking out of that group.


"Even if there's things I don't know about Yvet's past, I was prepared to accept anything, including things unknown, when I chose her."

Yvet's husband.
He was living legit working as a lawyer, but when Yeung Kwun died, he was pulled into a fierce struggle for succession amongst the officers of the Society.
He agreed to assume leadership in place of Yeung Kwun on Yvet's support and, 6 months later, he was shot in a nightclub.

The Ghost

"If the Boss accepted you as you were, and you allowed him to do so, then likewise it's your duty to accept that truth."

Francis's bodyguard.
He was also Yeung Kwun's bodyguard.
His loyalty towards the Red Flower Society is absolute. He is leery of Yvet and keeps some secrets from her.
He hired the Luk brothers to guard Yvet.


"I want to be the one who lights up your eyes like that. I don't want to see you fall back into the shadows again."

A private detective who assists Yvet.
He was a police detective whose life was saved by Yvet.
He's suspicious of the Ghost, who keeps some secrets from Yvet.


"If you've really become a monster who lives to kill, I'll accept the responsibility of ending your life."

A bodyguard hired by the Ghost.
He is a combat veteran, who has well build body and sharp judgment, but also he is out of touch with recent technology.


"I sometimes wonder if the nightmares would disappear if I learned to protect myself and others rather than always needing someone to look after me."

Luk's younger brother.
He's not good at melee combat, but he is a hacker who's good at programming simple spyware and hacking networks that aren't well secured.

Dog Head

"You know that trading in peoples'lives is a serious thing. If you can't show people you know that, your crew aren't gonna want to put their lives on the line for you."

An officer of the Red Flower Society.
He is a militant type who, unlike the other officers, was not afraid to charge into situations alone.

Big B

An officer of the Red Flower Society.
He is a shameless money-grubber known to use any means available to get his hands on cash.

Boss Ting

An officer of the Red Flower Society.
He is a cunning man who wouldn't take the lead himself, but watches for opportunities and sides with whoever seems to have the upper hand.

Shrewd Lou

An officer of the Red Flower Society.
He is an intellectual type and the brains of the Society. He makes his money in speculative dealing.


A sergeant of the Mong Kok police department.
He investigates the Francis' assassination.
He is a former colleague of the detective Lai.

Theme music composer

Yasunori Shiono(the main composer behind the Lufia series)

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Red Spider:Vengeance for Android

Red Spider:Vengeance for Android

Full Version

Red Spider: Vengeance is a Hong Kong noir style visual novel inspired by many hong kong movies, especially Infernal Affairs series and Johnnie To's films...

Red Spider: Vengeance v1.21

Red Spider: Vengeance v1.21

Full Version

"Red Spider: Vengeance" is Adobe AIR application. You need Adobe AIR runtime to play.

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