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Red Rising is a commercial continuation of the popular Red Rising Modification to Men of War Assault Squad 2 which is built on the same engine. The developers decided to move over to a commercial base as it was thought that the added money would allow Red Rising to gain independence from Men of War and help provide players with a fuller experience. Many of the key principals of the original mod stand like the commitment to eventually have every nation represented in the game providing full opportunity for players to play either their own country or something different to the traditional America v Russia and America v Terrorists. The game will have single player and multiplayer missions.

The game aims to give players the base to create a strong community around the game providing them with forums, Facebook page and a steam group to help players develop this community and arrange multiplayers with community made mods.

For a full and current description of our game please see our Prefundia Page

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I know this has been a little quiet on indieDB but I can assure you that quiet we are not, (3/5 of the core management are Italian, nothing is ever quiet) we have been busy creating graphical works and but today is all about the Prefundia

We can officially announce the initial factions that will be in the game, or we hope at least, all could change; we announced the polt line to the whole main campaign both Asian and European perspectives and most importantly the rewards that you will get when you donate to our Kickstarter when we officially set it up in the near future. Remember we need you support to get the content you need for the game. A game needs a modeller just as much as a supporter. So don't forget share with your friends


This thing is dead AF.

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Is this still being worked on?

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If you are working with Bestway's engine and other resources, wouldn't there be copyright issues, etc as this project is commercial with making money in mind?

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Agunter999 Creator

We are working with Best Way in a deal that we are permitted to use their engine to make our game.

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Look forward to Prefundia getting up and running.
Want this alot!

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Hope there is bot for play in skirmish :) Really nice. I will support for sure if there is skirmish mode ~ ~ :D and single it look awesome

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