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Recourse is a casual puzzle/platformer game with action elements.

Journey to a scenic arctic planet that is solely inhabited by experimental AI units and discarded robots. Play as Sleet, a sentient robot confronted with a series of puzzles and has little idea what's going on. Then meet Floe, an older AI willing to help you proceed and unravel the planet's mysteries.

Key Features

  • Length: It takes about 20 hours to finish the core game. Unlocking all possible secrets and achievements will take more depending on how good you'll become in the end. The core game consists of 13 large Puzzle maps in addition to 4 Payload and 4 Wave Rush levels.
  • Puzzle variety: Recourse uses a large number of puzzle elements that are combined with each other in various ways. There's very little repetition to make sure you are faced with a fresh challenge every time and can enjoy the satisfaction of that "Eureka" moment. Puzzle difficulty starts off as easy and increases as you progress with the introduction of new elements.
  • 3 Game Modes: Puzzle, Payload and Wave Defense (read more below).
  • Character mobility: Dash, double-jump and grapple your way around the levels to quickly reach any point within bounds. You are never limited to the ground.
  • Unlockables: You can upgrade Floe, access new levels and if you manage to collect all golden question marks, you'll be awarded with 'WINTER' - Floe's favourite weapon on the entire planet.
  • Drop-In/Drop-Out Split-Screen Co-Op: A second player can seamlessly join or leave the game at any moment in any game mode.
  • Enemies: If you're ever bored of solving puzzles, you can dive into other level types and battle your way through hordes of Failbots to collect CPUs and waves to unlock Floe's upgrades.
  • Deployables: You can deploy eight different tools (Circular Saw, Incinerator, Tesla Coil, Laser, Vortex, Point A, Impactor and Singularity) to interact with the environment or counter enemies (find more below).
  • Environmental Hazards: Spikes, flames, moving lasers, hostile deployables, chainsaws, drills, mines, electric fences, pendulum axes, boulders etc... you get the idea. Some of them can be turned on/off and even converted to your side.
  • Color-coded Objects: Blue objects are on your side. Orange objects are on Failbots' side. Yellow objects hate you both.
  • Achievements as Challenges: There are 40 achievements and many of them are rewarded upon the completion of a specific challenge. Challenges can be viewed from Floe's terminal. You can even reset your achievement progress to re-achieve them all.
  • Small File Size: The total size of the game is 310 MB. It may surprise many of you as it's not even in the GBs. This was achieved through an integrated approach that combines good asset management, compression, 3D modelling and lighting features without giving up on production quality.

Game Modes:
There are three game modes in Recourse: Puzzle, Payload and Wave Defense which share elements but have different objectives. Each level contains a certain number of golden question marks that can be collected to ultimately unlock a mysterious weapon called ‘WINTER’.

  • Puzzle Mode: The goal is to solve enough puzzles to reach the final checkpoint. Finishing puzzle levels unlock other game modes and levels. Puzzle levels are very peaceful: there are either very few or no Failbots that would disturb you.
  • Payload Mode: Battle your way through armies of Failbots to collect their CPUs and deposit them to your wagon which must then be escorted to the finish line to complete the level. Deposited CPUs can be spend toward upgrading Floe.
  • Wave Rush Mode: Failbots grow tougher with each wave. You can stay as long as you want or solve your way to the final checkpoint and complete the level when ready.

There are eight deployables that can be collected around the levels and launched to interact with the environment, solve puzzles or counter enemies. Each deployable applies damage in a different way.

Circular Saw: Destroys crates (and more) blocking your way. Can be used to box n and finish Failbots.
Incinerator: Burns enemies and powers heat-activated objects.
Tesla Coil: A ranged tool that damages enemies with electric arcs and energizes sockets.
Laser: Rotating lasers that damage characters and activate optical receivers.
Vortex: Elevates and hurls enemies around. Powers wind-activated objects
Impactor: Screws itself to the floor and launches characters and physics objects in the air. Highly effective in launching enemies toward ceiling hazards or simply cause them falling damage. They can also break apart glaciers blocking your way.
Point A: Teleports physics objects and characters to an activated Point B.
Singularity: Pulls and traps enemies at its center. Can be used to turn slippery enemies into easy targets or pin them against environmental hazards.

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Recourse Demo is now available on Steam. You can download it from the store page by clicking the blue "Download Demo" button on the right hand side. Alternatively, you can visit the demo's own store page here.

The demo has 4 new maps (2 Puzzle, 1 Wave Rush, 1 Payload) specifically designed for it to allow you to experience all three game modes.

Puzzle Mode

Puzzles in the demo consist of elements from the first half of the original game. There are seven deployables available in the demo (all except for Point A).

There are five upgrades available for Floe: Repair, Grapple, Scaner, Containment and Collector.

The demo also has 12 achievements of its own.

WINTER is not available in the demo.

Payload Mode

If you already own the original game, Steam may not let you download the demo, but we will include the new maps in an upcoming update, quite possibly with some improvements and new puzzle elements, so you will not be missing out on anything.

Wave Rush Mode

Once again, we would kindly remind you that we strongly recommend trying the demo first to see how the game runs on your system if this is your first Unreal Engine 4 game.

Clouds and Blue

Recourse released on Steam

Recourse released on Steam


Puzzle-platformer game Recourse now available on Steam.

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