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An alien base, called Zenith Command, received a strange distress signal from a faraway planet called ‘Earth.' The aliens have never heard of this planet. Even though they can't understand the language in the distress signal, it sounds like those people are in danger! The aliens need the best scout they have, who can translate the messages and find out how to help these people. So they send you, the player! It is your job to learn new words and help translate the strange messages.
Teach young children to see, hear, and recognize new words throughout the school year. Students can listen to words, and click the corresponding word within the exciting environment of outer space. Students will explore their solar system as they match words, create sentences, and create small paragraphs. Both teachers and parents can get involved too by monitoring their children's learning progress online! So get ready to search through outer space, repair your spaceship, and learn new words to save the Earth!

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Living in the Netherlands and speaking only English, I've found it very difficult to grasp the concept of the Dutch language. There are many books and audio lessons aimed to teach the language, but they are always so expensive! This country is constantly putting out commercials about integrating into the native culture and learning the language....but they definitely don't make it easy.

That's what inspired Silver Arc Interactive to create a language-learning game. Sure there are plenty of educational flash games on the net, but most of the time.......they just stink. The graphics are horrible, the sound effects are in .midi format, and it's just not entertaining to play.
Especially not for anywhere near the age of 30.

Our goal at SilverArc is to create more educational games that help people like me and others learn a new language in a fun atmosphere. Reading Rescue Force is our first attempt. The game is focused on teaching some common English words to the user. The game eventually builds up to creating phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.

One of our future goals is to create multiple games like this in different languages, at least one of those languages being Dutch! We still have a long way to go until our games and engine become stable. But we are now in beta production!

We are currently looking for game and engine testers to help with our team. If you are interested, feel free to send a message!

Features of Reading Rescue Force

Features of Reading Rescue Force


Here are some of the key features in our new browser game, Reading Rescue Force!

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