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Razzia is a cinematic platformer inspired by classics such as Flashback, Blackthorn and the Oddworld series.

Fluent, lifelike animations

Cinematic platformers always had great animation work and as a visual artist first and programmer second I've worked hard on getting the animation up to par with those old games. Every animation is drawn by hand, in my experience tweening reduce the organic quality of traditional animation.

You are dedicated to your actions

Think before you act! There is no way to cancel actions mid-animation. If you press right, you walk right, if you jump, you jump and you can't redirect yourself mid-air. The reason for this is to ensure that even your most basic actions have consequences.

Body-language based combat system

We are used to taking cover at specific points in games (geometry, debris etc.) but not very often are we allowed to take cover everywhere we want. In Razzia I want to replicate the combat system seen in Blackthorn where both you and the enemy can take cover everywhere. The interesting part is how you have to look at your enemies and refer to their bodylanguage to determine whether to shoot, take cover or roll away.


Razzia will have several different gadgets for the player to use in combat, to solve puzzle or traverse your environment including a teleporter, bombs and a hacker device to activate or deactivate things.

Puzzle Platformer

Cinematic Platformers have always been a very vertical genre so the main character will have the ability to climb and grab ledges but beware! your character is not immortal, fall from too far a height and you will drop to your death. You can expect a wide variety of different puzzles that will force you to utilize all your platformer skills and gadgets.

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Added Swimming


Recently I've been working on implementing new movement systems into Razzia and one of those is to allow the player to jump from a very high place without taking damage upon landing. I had some ideas, like the Assassins Creed hay bale like system but it didn't really fit thematically and it was hard to implement in large areas. Also it only had one use and made little sense when you think about it (you'd break your bones trying to do it in real life) and it didn't fit the specific game that Razzia is.

So I implemented swimming and water, it has two uses: it can be used as a way to negate damage from high places and you can also avoid certain enemies by jumping into water and swimming to another place. It's also much easier to implement in larger areas, for example it's much less contrived to have a small lake with platforms that you jump across rather than an array of hay bales.

This is how it looks in the game: SwimmingDemo

I toyed a lot with the aesthetics of the water in the game, I initially wanted to have ripples and waves but I soon found out that it was distracting and didn't fit with the rest of the aesthetics of the game (that is somewhat flat shaded) so I decided to make the water static but stylized in a way that it doesn't look like jelly. Part is by making the splash and swimming animation (that isn't done yet btw) as good looking as possible to carry the otherwise flat look of the water.

That's it for this update. I'll be covering other, more technical things in the next devlog. See you then and thank you for checking out Razzia! If you want to follow the development more closely you can follow me on Twitter @Secluded_Game

Elias Frost

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