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Rapid Blocks is a puzzle game for Android, Windows Phone 8 and Web! There are two modes in the game: Levels Mode: Your goal is to finish all the levels. In each level, there's a goal to achieve which is amount of score points in a limited or non-limited time. The level difficulty depends on: the number of color (2,3,4,5,6), the game speed (the faster the harder it gets), the time limit if it exists (the shorter, the harder it gets). Endless Mode: This is a free mode where there is no time limit. You can play as long as you can. Your goal here is to destroy as many blocks as you can. Over time, lines fill up and it keeps getting faster and faster. If your screen fills, you loose. There are special powers in this mode that will help you remove blocks faster. These special powers are randomly created. There's also a bonus when you destroy a big amount of blocks once (6, 7,8 blocks).

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This is the trailer video I made for Rapid Blocks. Enjoy!