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Raid On Coasts :

  • Raid On Coasts is a real time strategy game set in a massive Middle East themed land mass to cause chaos and carnage on !
  • The events of this work bear no resemblance to current events, this is a work of fiction
  • Recently, the expansion of the US has expanded through the construction of more military bases on the Russian borders .. But this is what increased the cup ... Russia decided to react and break the siege imposed by invading the Middle East from the gate of Yemen's coasts . .

What make it unique ..

- Its not just another strategy game , Raid On Coasts offer a new gameplay experience with new mechanisms and new ideas !

Release :

The game released on 12/08/2017 on steam as early access !

Steam page : Store.steampowered.com

Features :

  • Massive Middle East themed land mass to cause chaos and carnage on
  • 2 Powerful armies to choose from
  • 8+ different units to play with
  • 14 territories to capture across the map
  • Gather ressources upon capturing territories
  • every 30 seconds you can call for a new wave of units to land on the coasts
  • Order airstrikes on enemy units and positions !
  • Every week a new update containing new contents , bug fixes and ameliorations !

New contents coming :

  • New languages : french / arabic / traditional chiness / polandian / dutch / indian / urdu / russian / ukranian / finland
  • New teams : chiness / rebels
  • New map : located in china , coasts of china precisely
  • New mechanisms and bots ai improvements
  • Graphic improvements
  • Interfaces improvements
  • New talent tree
  • Shadows
  • Saved games
  • Steam achievements
  • Trading cards
  • Multiplayer

Only promises ... ?

- Some will think that im giving you dreams or fake promises ... never bro , i have already detailed strategies that will come across consecutive updates during early access phase !

Game pages :

Facebook : Facebook.com

Twitter : Twitter.com

Youtube : Youtube.com

Steam : Store.steampowered.com

Support ?

Youtubers are welcome to my mail as well anyone that could help : outlawwars@yahoo.com

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Major update v2.0


Hey everyone , the new update v2.0 is finally live
Sorry for the big delay , since i was trying figure out releasing a new update on steam after long period of not releasing updates on the store .
The next updates will be very rich with new content and changes especially the next major update v2.1 ! stay tuned !

Update notes :

New features :

  • Zooming & Dezooming with mouse wheel is increased
  • Aircrafts have now icons in the minimap
  • Canons are now targetable by units
  • The Escape button show pause menu
  • Minor improvements on interfaces

Balances :

  • Dshk Uaz level 2 nerfed
  • Humvee M2 level 2 nerfed
  • Su-34 bombs have different angles when throwed
  • Su-34 bombs speed increased 375->500

Bug fixes :

  • After playing a new game or restarting the game , the usa
  • soldiers dont move and usa team loose the game : bug fixed
  • After Uaz or Humvee destroyed and nothing selected , the repair / upgrade icons persist : bug fixed
  • When playing with Russia Team you cant spawn Spetsnaz special forces squad : bug fixed
  • Su-25 russian aircraft dont shoot missiles : bug fixed
  • Statistics interface show some wrong values : bug fixed
  • Upgrade icon of humvee dont disappear after selecting another unit : bug fixed
  • Soldiers shadows are no more visible after they enter humvee transport
  • Soldier squad is deselected after going to enter humvee transport
  • F35 bombs size have lesser size
  • The Uaz dshk icon dont dissapear after the engine is destroyed : bug fixed
  • On keycode Su25 pressed , the plane dont move well : bug fixed
  • Units icons persist after death and can be clicked to spawn it : bug fixed
  • Upgrade icon humvee m2 disappear now after select another unit
  • Upgrade & fix icons dont disappear when selected m2 humvee is destroyed : bug fixed
  • All vehicles stop now immidiately once the Fuel = 0
  • Military base once upgraded , the " countdownbar " in interface stay visible : bug fixed
  • F35 & F15 sometimes shoot on sea randomly : bug fixed
  • Between max population and actual population a missing " / " : bug fixed
  • The base icon get invisible after fade out alot in begin of game when playing with usa : bug fixed
  • The indication arrows in begin of game & the water effect on boat ( playing as russia ) are in front of boat : bug fixed
  • "Wave coming in 10 seconds" text , dont change in time and stay visible : bug fixed
Lunar killer sale 80% Off !

Lunar killer sale 80% Off !


The major update v1.9 is now live with more features and with a 80% Lunar Killer sale !

New major update + Discount !

New major update + Discount !


Here we go , a new major update v1.7 is now live and accompagnied with 25 % Off to encourage you to try out the game !

Black Friday Sale !

Black Friday Sale !


Raid On Coasts have a great offer in Black Friday Sale ! Dont miss it !

Blast Sale 67%

Blast Sale 67%


Raid On Coasts enter Sale Reduction of 67% on steam !

outlawwars Creator

Lunar KILLER sale 80 % Off is live !
As well a new major update v1.9 !

Steam page : store.steampowered.com/app/668830/Raid_On_Coasts/

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outlawwars Creator

Here we go !
A new major update v1.7 is live with :
- 25 % Off for limited time !
- Bunch of improvements
- Bug fixes

A great opportunity to try out an action game set in chaos !
Steam page : Store.steampowered.com

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outlawwars Creator

Happy Black Friday everyone :D
Raid On Coasts is 90% off on steam !
Steam page : Store.steampowered.com

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outlawwars Creator

The game is on 67% Blast Sale Reduction !
A good opportunity to try out a new game set in chaos !
Steam page : Store.steampowered.com

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outlawwars Creator

Gameplay : Youtube.com
Watch in HD and have fun :)

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outlawwars Creator

Hey again , im back with good news =)
The game got greenlighted , updated and will be released in 2 weeks from now =)
I wasnt expecting that i can arrive to that point withtout the help of steam that give me the chance to complete the way with Raid On Coasts , it get greenglighted just the last day of greenlight men ! huge help from amazing steam , i will spread to world and make sure to give players best gameplay experience

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outlawwars Creator

Follow the developement and updates of the game :
* Steam page : Store.steampowered.com
* Facebook : Facebook.com
* Twitter : Twitter.com
* Youtube : Youtube.com

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