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Radiant LUX is an upcoming fresh take on the 2D horizontal shooter genre. You are a single body flying through the PRISM, an universe of lights and colors hidden away in space-time. You shoot enemies to level up your "colors", and acquire new attacks and abilities. Also, EVERYTHING in this game - from the enemies composition to their movement and attack patterns down to the BOSSES - are procedurally-generated, Making Radiant LUX essentially a "Roguelike 2D Shooter", in which no play session is gonna be anything like the last one!

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REDSHIFT's new feature is the MISSION framework - Random secondary goals that can be worth lots of points! Are you brave enough to complete them all?

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REDSHIFT is a “roguelike shooter”, an original and modern take on the horizontal shooter genre with a 100% procedurally-generated environment. And now it has MISSIONS!

Erm... Missions? *scratches head*

MISSIONS are the new feature implemented for REDSHIFT - Put it simply, they are achievement-style secondary goals that you can accomplish in a stage to get bonus points. Each complete mission will provide a factor which will be applied to your final score, so it's a very nice way to rack up lots of bonus points!

There are lots of different missions, they can tell you to achieve a certain combo (kill several anomalies in a row without being hit), destroy a boss layer without getting hit, or only with attacks of a certain color, among many, many other types of missions. The possibilities are limitless!

Missions Screen

At the beginning of each stage, the player will receive 3 random missions which range from Class I (the easiest type of mission), Class II (medium-difficulty missions) and Class III (The hardest category missions, that can include boss missions). Currently there are 12 types of missions implemented in the alpha version (but more will be available at launch), which are:

  • Achieve a certain combo (destroy a stream of enemies without getting hit)
  • Kill a number of anomalies (enemies) with SYNCED attacks (same attack color as the enemy)
  • Kill a number of anomalies with UNSYNCED attacks
  • Kill a number of anomalies with a single attack
  • Kill a number of anomalies with a single, SYNCED attack
  • Kill a number of anomalies with your satellite bit
  • Kill every anomaly that spawns during a full power level
  • Spend an entire power level without taking damage
  • Destroy a boss layer without taking damage
  • Destroy a boss layer only hitting its parts with SYNCED attacks
  • Destroy a boss layer only hitting its parts with UNSYNCED attacks
  • Destroy a boss layer using attacks of a specific color

Mission complete 01

Mission complete 02

At the end of the stage, you'll receive a multiplier to your FINAL SCORE based on how many missions you completed - higher-class missions being worth bigger multipliers - so they offer a richer, deeper gameplay experience, giving the player more to do than simply leveling up to kill bosses (although that part alone can be loads of fun, hahah! ^^)

Nice, but what is that "Stage Score" you mentioned earlier?

Oh yeah, of course, this is also a new unveiling! Stage Score is calculated taking 3 factors into account:

  • OFFENSIVE SCORE - a 1 to 100 score calculated based on shots hit/miss ratio, synced/unsynced kills ratio, among other factors
  • DEFENSIVE SCORE - a 1 to 100 score calculated based on HP lost, synced/unsynced hits ratio, among other factors
  • BOSS EFFICIENCY SCORE - a 1 to 100 score calculated based on time taken on each layer, synced/unsynced hits ratio, among other factors

Those 3 scores are added up and averaged and bonus is received regarding your maximum combo achieved in the stage, obtaining your OVERALL SCORE. That is a percentage factor that will be applied to your current score (shown in the upper right corner of the screen). Each mission completed will be ADDED to that factor, obtaining the final multiplier. On the picture below, the overall score provided a 48% bonus to the current score, but the completed missions added 90% more to that factor (that guy was VERY good, he completed all 3 missions!). That accounted for a 138% bonus to the current score, which provided the final score pictured. Hooray, an S rank!

Stage Score Screen (With mission complete multiplier)

Anyhow, that's it for missions and Stage Score. Follow us for more updates, and the soon-to-be revealed Kickstarter and Greenlight Campaign! Also, please like and share us!

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