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RABBIT HOLE is a fast-paced, minimal arcade game where you have to move fast to dodge speed words of an audiobook, 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. With merciless difficulty and extremely beautiful retro chip tune soundtrack, RABBIT HOLE is insanely addictive.

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alimux says

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-> unbearable music
-> Interest of the game? neither...


dangergerbil says

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Video Review: Youtube.com

Rabbit Hole 3D is an interesting concept in puzzle games. Based on Alice in Wonderland it i all about the first chapter of the book and falling down the rabbit hole.

You must avoid the words that make up the first chapter of the book as you fall down the hole hit a letter and you have to start again. As you progress the games gets faster and more difficult as twists and turns appear in the hole.

+ Simple but fun
+ Great soundtrack and voice acting
+ Direct link to a classic novel
+ Practice mode so you can play later sections without totally restarting.

- Controls jerky as you move by whole scaled up pixels not smoothly
- Easy to get angry at making silly mistakes.


LeeYunseok says

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RabbitHole3D is very interesting game. If you build to Android, i'll purchase.

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