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Welcome to Queeny Army In this adventure you will embody one of 12 girls who escaped from an adoption house / school from the hands of corrupt policemen who murdered their classmates and their director. A former commander of the armed forces who meets her decides to help and train them to overthrow that corrupt government headed by the president who is the leader of a criminal organization, and to take revenge for what they did to their teacher and their classmates. Each girl has a different special ability and exclusive weapons, fight with the different weapons that you find along the way, use your skills in your favor and defeat the different bosses that you will find your journey through San Romero. This game is only on English and Spanish but I'll add more languajes in the future (not necessary for play) This is a Lineal game with 6 diferent levels and 4 difficult levels, every difficult level is a new challenge you can reach. Caution: This game is extremly hard, if you don

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Dec 22 2019


I will post here news, patchs, changes and other stuff about the game "Queeny Army"