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London is under attack!

Monsters walk the streets, and the city is in ruin. Britain's only hope is for the posh - and very
manly - gentleman to save the day. The queen has hired the only man left for the job, and it
is your task to clear London of this filth.

Queen’s Revolver is a 2d action and platformer game, set in a cyberpunk rendition of
London. The game is based around the multi-functional revolver, which is able to perform a
broad range of abilities. Find the different types of ammunition, and load them in the order of
your own choosing to teach these creatures a lesson in proper manners.

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Alpha Release


Hello everybody!

After a lot of hard work and time spent on this project we're proud to present the Alpha release of Queen's Revolver. Although the playtime is short, we hope that this version will show what the game has in store for the future.


In Queen's Revolver you control a gunman with the objective of killing the strange lifeforms that are plaguing futuristic London. You will face your foes with your unique revolver in hand.


This revolver is the central game mechanic, and thus the most important asset your character has. It can be loaded with different kinds of ammunition that can be used in a variety of ways. Right now we have implemented three types of ammo: the ricochet bullet, the air-blast shot and the plasma shell. We intend to further develop these ammo types in the future to increase the depth of gameplay each ammunition adds.

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Skrmbild 40

Skrmbild 42

Skrmbild 32

At this stage Queen's Revolver is far from complete and we still have a lot of things we want to add before we can truly feel like we're finished with the game. Due to this you might stumble upon bugs that have slipped our notice when we tested the game. In spite of this, we sincerely hope the Alpha test is enjoyable and we'd greatly appreciate the sharing of feedback and ideas for improvements we could make to the game!

Queen's Revolver Alpha

Thanks for reading! // Revolution Entertainment development team

Welcome to Queen's Revolver

Welcome to Queen's Revolver

News 2 comments

Short description of the game and its many features.

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Queen's Revolver Full Version

Queen's Revolver Full Version

Full Version

After many hours of work we are finally done with a complete version of the game. Alot have changed since the last version: the enemies behavior is improved...

Queen's Revolver Alpha

Queen's Revolver Alpha

Demo 5 comments

we're uploading our first alpha version of the game

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