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Quartal - A port of Portal for the PSP Based on the portal gun mod by siska.robert

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Get's a 1 because I cannot do a zero.

Its great A port for psp only you guys can pull off. 10/10.


Its portal on a psp. Nuff Said

The Person who made this must of had allot of time on there hands because this game is just awesomely perfect. It looks just like portal for one thing and it also proves that it is possible to make half life on a portable device. If Valve would just try, it would be awesome to have Half Life on IOS or something similar like PS Vita or NDS.


Love the style and gameplay. Too bad the game doesn't function that great, which makes it unable to progress the game

It has potential, IF it would fix the critical bugs which make the game unable to play.

Surely one of the best Homebrew games for the PSP i've ever played. It is amazing to see how the portals work, and classic Portal players can relive some awesome moments on their PSP.

Despite some critical bugs (that I hope to be fixed), it is one hell of s great game.

Not very effortful but an OK port


Great stuff!

It is a very good game, it just currently needs a coder. once that all gets done this will be a VERY good Game!

Awesome Game! But Needs Multiplayer!

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