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Qbeh is a short, FREE first person puzzle platformer, inspired by games like Portal and Minecraft, in which the player "cubes" their way through 4 exciting levels. Made with the Unity game engine. Quotes from reviews: "Qbeh is an exquisite little thing" - Rock, Paper, Shotgun "Highly immersive and very creative" - eGamer "It’s not every day we see something this cool and fun" - Game Front "Developers Liquid Flower Games might play up the Minecraft and Portal similarities on the Qbeh homepage, but I think that’s doing their serene puzzle-FPS a disservice" - PC Gamer "too portal" - Quarry, TIGSource Forum member

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septembre says

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Very nice game, a reward awaits you in the end .. (totally worth it)


I lost all sense of time just by looking at the cubes float in the beautiful sky.

It's a stunning game one has to play through.


For an experience that can be as short as 20-30 minutes, Qbeh is something absolutely astounding. Upon first sight, I fell head over heels for the game's visual style and ambient score, and what few semblences of a story were in the beta, left me craving so, so much more. The controls are usually tight, though there seems to be something quite off about them; in other words, the movement is not as responsive and keen as I'd like. Other than that only flaw though, Qbeh is something that needs to be. If there is anyway I can support the future development of this game, I will without a second thought. Thank you for this, it's an absolutely inspiring slice of engineering.

Awesome pass time game :) combination of both minecraft and portal? Genius!

This is an enchanting puzzle game,maybe too short but still a must-play on Desura.


MatthewJCollins says

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I absolutely LOVE this game, the levels were fonominal, the easter eggs were halarious (Companion Cube, Sandbox-Dolan and the Sandbox-"This One's for you, Balta!" on the huge mountain." Its almost exactly what I imagin freaking heaven looks like with all the green lush and hills, I'd love to talk to the creator(s) of this game just to tell them what a great job they did, the game practically, believe it or not, brought me to TEARS, it was so beautiful..

AMAZING game! Graphics were beautiful, gameplay was intact and on point, and level design won me over quite early. One of the best free games I have seen yet.

thought this game was amazing and hope to see more updates near future.


A really great game! Well if you like to think about what you played, then its more than a game, its like a phylosophical experience. A "must to play" game.

This is a creative and visualy stunning game. The graphics are stunning and the ambient music creates the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed game like this. This game is well worth your 20-30 mins it will take. dtop reading and start playing !