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Pyro Jump is a platform independent game and the new project of the french game studio Pinpin Team and Noveo. The love within Pyro Jump: Pyro Jump is the story of a little flame called Pyro, who falls in love with a paper puppet and decides to run after her through this weird and outrageous world full of rolling and dangerous wheels. “Love can burn everything to the ground…” Your goal: Chase the Princess! Simple, isn’t it? Not at all… In order to catch her, you will have to confront the 100 levels filled of different and dangerous wheels disturbing the way between you and the princess. …and in the meanwhile, get to know this impossible love story between a paper princess… and a flame!

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florianbrochard says

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One of the best mobile game I own.
Graphics are cute, but beside this the game is hard to mastered!
Many levels exists and new game games with every new worlds.
A really neat game! A must have :)

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