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Release date:
July 31 2018




Pursuit of Power® 2 : The Chaos Dimension is a real-time strategy game with a different focus than traditional RTS games. Players connect fortresses together in order to build, research technology, generate bonus resources, defend allies, and lay siege to enemies. Each player has a leader unit that summons structures and casts powerful abilities. Rifts dynamically spawn invaders and epic creatures that reward players with prestige when defeated. There is a priority system for enemy targets and a rage mechanic that affects combat in multiple ways. Fight through a single-player campaign game with unique content and objectives for your leader. Play local and network skirmish games with up to 10 players. Join a team with allies that can come to your aid. Create new skirmish games using a map editor with a rich set of features.


After five years of effort, Pursuit of Power® 2 has nearly finished the Beta 1 phase of development. Most of the major game components have already been completed. That includes the path-finding, troop AI, computer player AI, networking, multiplayer, game editor, combat mechanics, fortresses, chaos levels, rifts, invaders, and other major components.

The main features that need to be finished are the leveling system for leaders, fortress upgrades, epic bosses, and the campaign mode. Those items will be the priority over the next few months. The artwork is in progress and new assets will be added to the game until it has been completed. Pursuit of Power® 2 will continue to improve and the level of polish will dramatically increase too.


  • Real-time strategy game with pixel art
  • Play a Shadow Knight, Stalker, or Mage as your leader class
  • Choose from a variety of upgrades as your leader gains levels
  • Command elite troops with strategic roles and a rage mechanic
  • Manage connections between fortresses in a unique way
  • Gain prestige by capturing rifts and performing heroic acts
  • Dynamic world events such as invaders that attack fortresses
  • Win by capturing all enemy fortresses or surviving the Apocalypse
  • Single-player campaign with a story and objectives
  • Single and multi-player skirmish (local or network)


Pursuit of Power 2 : The Chaos Dimension (Beta 1) YouTube


Download all screenshots & photos as .zip

Download logo/icon assets as .zip

Extra artwork
ZIP file with additional artwork for the game: precisiongames.net/press_kit/PoP2_artwork.zip.

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Precision Games is an independent developer that formed during 2005. Our mission is to produce high-quality games with unique gameplay that challenges players. The games are all built on a custom engine that has been improved constantly since 2003. Major updates are regularly provided after release because we want to create the best experience possible for our customers.

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