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Punch Punch Kill (work in progress name) is a devlog-only game under development by 8-Bit Empire. It is a local PvP brawler, with upcoming limb-by-limb combat. That basically means that you can tear off someones arms and beat them to death with them. Fun fun fun.

Punch Punch Kill has been under development for a bit over two months. There are many key features that have been implemented, including movement (running, jumping, walljumping, etc.), basic combat (punching, kicking, variations of blocking, etc.), and a level editor. This is just the basics, if you want more read the devlogs!

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First Devlog!


Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and also girls. But mostly boys. We are pleased to announce 8-Bit Empire’s newest game, Punch Punch Kill. (It’s a work in progress).
Besides being made by two of the most handsome people in the business, Punch Punch Kill has a lot of other stuff going for it. It is a 2-4 player platform brawler, with pixel art graphics as well as an exciting combat system that will include hundreds of minutes of gameplay. Or maybe more, we don’t know what you’re in to.
The final product will have a unique limb based combat system, but that will come later, we’re just getting started.
So far, we have implemented basic movement, including running, jumping, and wall jumping, as well as other basics. I know, so exciting.

As well as that, we have added very basic combat: kicking, punching, and blocking. But don’t worry, more is to come including combos, grabbing and lifting, as well as limb based combat.

On top of that we have created a very simple level editor, that allows us to create new levels within seconds. So far these levels are pretty simple, but they will eventually include moving platforms, falling blocks, and other exciting stuff.

The controls are simple enough on the keyboard, and if that’s not your cup of tea, then controller support is also offered.
We are working hard at this game, and this is just a sampling of the slightly above average things to come. We hope you pop on back here for updates and follow ups. Thanks for reading, and make sure to stay tuned. You can contact us at 8_Bit_Empire on twitter, or by carrier pigeon.

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