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Welcome to the world of psyscrolr, a tale of a young man outcast from his society by gaining powers he never wanted or had. The Scrolr, which is the main character, must find his way through the beautiful landscapes while solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and uncovering the truth of his world while being hunted by the Magi; a sect of wizards who wish to put an end to the Scrolr's new powers. Utilizing the Wii U GamePad, interact with the world directly as you make contact from your world to the Scrolr's world. Move objects, shoot fireballs, block hits... the touch is your greatest weapon.

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Psyscrolr Trailer #1


psyscrolr is a Wii U exclusive title, downloadable soon from Nintendo's eShop service. It is a platformer game with puzzles separating the diverse combat layouts of its levels. Epic boss battles and mid-boss battles will challenge you to figure out the puzzles within the combat. Players take control of the Scrolr, a boy imbued with psychic powers he didn't want, and aided by the Narrator, a disembodied voice assisting the Scrolr on their journey. Take control of the game by using the GamePad to assist the Scrolr and unleash devastating slash attacks as well as powerful psychic fireballs.

For more information on psyscrolr, please visit Actosgames.com for development updates as well as information on all our titles.

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