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Psichodelya is a vertical shoot-em-up (aka SHMUP) game set in futuristic environmet where two races of mechanized alien species are waging air warfare over Earth-like pieces of land. Player controls one of 3 playable ships, dodging heaps of bullets and killing wave after wave of enemies for points in single or 2 player local coop, over 5 levels culminating with epic bosses. Psichodelya is special because in this game player ship has a colored shied that protects from a numeber of bullets from the same color as the shield, and at the same time enemy ships are also color coded, making them more vulnerable to one type of damage.

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Explanation of our scoring system for this game. Announcement for integrated online leaderboards system.

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  • Total cores are calculated on level end. This is how the score is summed up at that point:
    o Bonuses are awarded for: remaining lives, killed percentage on stage (same for both players), max chain number, remaining bombs, remaining shields and by adding that on total score.
    o This is how these are calculated in pseudo-code:
    o BonusLives = lives * 30 * BaselineScore;
    o BonusKilledPctg = killedPctg * 100 * BaselineScore;
    o BonusChain = recordChain * 10 * BaselineScore;
    o BonusBombs = bombs * 5 * BaselineScore;
    o BonusShields = (shieldsRed + shieldsBlue) * BaselineScore;
    o TotalScore = Score + BonusLives + BonusKilledPctg + BonusChain + BonusBombs + BonusShields;
  • Here’s how scores are added in level:
    o Each extra shield over 5: 5 * BaselineScore;
    o Each extra powerup over 5: 20 * BaselineScore;
    o Extra lives over 5: 30 * BaselineScore;
    o Extra bombs over 8: 10 * BaselineScore;
    o Most importantly, scores for enemies are calculated when killed, proportionally to their projected lifetime. That means, if killed exactly at the projected lifetime, player gets Score x 1. If killed before, up to 2 x Score. If killed after, exactly 1x Score. Observe the following graph:

    Graph 4 scores

    o Same score is awarded if killed by bomb or by fire or by stream.
    o Base score varies from enemy to enemy
    o Projected Lifetime can vary also

  • Player also gets one BaselineScore at play for each chain over 5 per kill.
  • Level Ending score is in millions, ensuring that no two players score the same.

I'd also like to announce our super-important online leaderboards, that are already integrated in-game. Here's how it goes:
- Custom system for online profiles.
- The game has unlimited number of profiles
- Each profile remembers best score per stage pass
- Sum of best scores is displayed at local leaderboards (ranking for best local profiles)
- Player can choose to publish these profiles online, for public viewing, but also from the game.
- Player can filter online profiles to show local machine profiles only (and their corresponding global place without all the other profiles)
- Instant rank updates.
- System has been test to so far with 40,000 profiles simultaneously.
More good news to come really soon!

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