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Combat, capture, and control wild Specters with Prototype Zero, a cutting edge software developed to counter the Specter Invasion. After a mysterious event, invisible energy-based organisms called Specters are detected all over the world. This event was accompanied by a massive drawn-out global electrical & communications blackout, resulting in world-wide panic. It was determined that the presence of these Specters was somehow related to the chaos, an invasion was underway. Humanity must counter this invasion by pushing the Specters back to where they came, but how? Thus Specter Research Institute (SRI) was formed to begin looking into countermeasures against the Specters and any other related research. Out of this effort came the experimental software, Prototype Zero. It allows anybody, armed with simple smartphones, to defend against the invasion by capturing the invading Specters, control them, and make them fight for us. Mankind's future now rests on our collective shoulders.

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