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Prometheus - The Fire Thief is an action adventure game set in ancient Greece. It is a retro game made in the style of an NES game, and stays completely true to the NES color palette. As the player you assume control of the titan Prometheus. After stealing the fire from the Gods of mount Olympus, Prometheus must travel all across Greece and outside its borders, battling hideous mythological monsters to gain access to mount Olympus once again. Once there he seeks to have revenge on Zeus who has turned him into a mortal.


This is the first demo for Prometheus and it's still very much work in progress. Things are subject to change and improvement, especially the music. There are bugs abound, for example the stairs can be glitchy but they work OK for now. I plan on releasing a final improved version of the demo later, which will also include a second area to explore.

Prometheus - The Fire Thief Demo version 0.1 alpha
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