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Project Nimbus, a very high speed mecha combat game where the player controls flying giant robots called Battle Frame fighting army of enemies. Set in the near future, mankind has evacuated to the skies after a great war destroyed the planet’s surface, making it unable to support human life. With resources scarce, humanity is again on the brink of another full scale war. Fight against army of enemy Battle Frames, duel with ace pilots in their own personal customized machine, engage mother-ships and battle against giant world-ending weapons

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New game play video, lot of new game mechanism. The game has sound effect now and it's 3D! The explosion rock!

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Ok, seem like we've not update the game progress for a while. I think I shall come visit IndieDB/ModDB more frequent in the future. Probably once or twice a week.

We have upload a new gameplay video, check it out!

M3A1 show1

- We've implement new player battleframe: the M3A1 standard variant. This is a 2nd generation battleframe, much weaker than 4th gen like Mirai. It shall be playable in the earliest mission. M3A1 is easy to pilot. suitable to be used to welcome new player to the world of ProjectNimbus.

- 3D sound effect. Well, we've just figured out how to do 3D sound in UDK. So we do sound effect in the game. I'm quite satisfied with the explosion.

- Missile alert change frequency to the distance. If incoming missile is very close, the alert will be more frequent.

- New camera, improve visual range and make player feel more like piloting mech.

- We've remove the 'momentum cancellor' system to make mech movement feel more real. Beside, some pilot can use mech momentum to their flavor.

- Missiles movement change back to full 3D, giving more realistic movement. However, we make it easy to be intercepted with gun.


- We have designed a new mech. This one is both enemy and playerable. Like GCTX01-Mirai, it's a 4th generation BattleFrame.

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