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Welcome to Project S.P.H.E.R.E.! It's not just another platformer, it's something... different. Very different. The special thing of the game is the "flinging-mechanism": a huge abyss with spikes, way too far for jumping? No problem, if you can control the Sphere with the force - an energy given by ForceBalls you can collect. Don't expect it's too easy! Especially the later levels are very hard, because things like portals or magnets can be a nasty trap - or your best friends: you'll never know, unless you try it... *challenging gameplay (after the simple tutorial levels) *beautiful graphics through the power of dynamic lights & shadows *use Force-Spheres! Fling the sphere through the levels, full of spikes, magnets and other nasty things *additional DarkMode, if the normal game isn't hard enough for you ;)

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very nice work

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