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Taking place after Project Smallbot, Project Smallbot: Light has you control Yellow Smallbot as you platform through new levels and face new challenges and enemies, as you try to track down mysterious evil robots who have stolen all the powerful artifacts from the first game. While playing through the levels you will find hidden collectables that will tell you more about the world, from the different creatures that lurk around the levels, to the many areas you explore as you progress.

Mini Update (8/31/2017) Frenzy Forest (level 1) (Updated WIP) - Project Smallbot

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Mini Update (8/31/2017) - Frenzy Forest

This video is an update from the last video that showed off the first level, Frenzy Forest. Since the last video, I've added more to the background like more grass, tress, and clouds, as well as add a level exit that will lead to the second level Cave Tales.

This video is apart of the Frenzy Forest Update(8/31/17). To read more about the update itself then press this link: Indiedb.com

To watch the previous video that showed this level then press this link: Youtube.com...

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