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Project: Redfield is a survival, miltiplayer, sandbox, fps that aims to be very realistic and unforgiving. It's set on a fictitious island outside of China's southern coast. The island is filled with vast jungles, huge mountains and detailed cities. The map is huge and completely open for players to discover every part however they want. Every house will be completely enter able, featuring full interiors. Gameplay is focused on survival and many different aspects of it is being worked on and planned. It's going to be completely open and up to each player to decide how to survive and play the game, we won't have any rules that prevents you from doing what ever you feel like. We want our players to shape the game and not restrict it to just our tiny development team.Right now we can't reveal some of the keywords describing the game as we simply feel like these needs to be kept private for a while longer due to competition.

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