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May 11 2013 Anchor


The decedents of the Human race, to younger races they seem nothing out of the ordinary in appearance looking much like the ancient Human race they came from. Deeply “integrated” as they would say; Terran’s are not entirely organic in fact much there body is made up of in organic materials. “Evolved” from the human race in an age they call the “Awakening” Terran are not corporally bound strictly speaking. The body Terran’s are born to is conceived ... commonly … by the coupling of 2 Terran much like other races however it is merely an avatar and once matured they can transcend the avatar. Most Terran can occupy a different body or at least a clone of the original this has led many of the younger races to refer to them as immortal.

The “biology” of a Terran is not a guarded secret as it is with many races, through a science referred to as nano cyber genetics or nanite cyber genetics as it is sometimes referred there biological genetic structure has become fused with a mechanical construct. There bio mass can construct and evolve inorganic nano components much like cells of other species divide and create new cells in turn the nano components of a Terran can use base elements to construct and evolve bio components. Just as with other races genetic and in their case nano data is taken from both parents in the forming of a child; like most mammals this is done internally to the female parent however while it is most common to see male/female couples it is not a requirement in Tarran reproduction in that a female can fertilize another female; the exact process of this is not entirely understood as it varies greatly by breeding pair. As to their consciousness as it is with any race it is not fully understood by science and is a matter for class=SpellE>theologists.

Terran theology like most races is varied; the unifying similarity is an attraction or propensity to ancestral aspects and a concept of “the machine sprit” or living machines. The ancestral aspects favoured tend to be of ancient human origin and stem from the age leading up to the extinction of the Human race. Terran and Human races co-existed for a number of years and eventually warred. While Terran already possessed vastly superior capabilities the pure warlike nature of both races rendered them relatively evenly matched and the war quickly engulfed the whole of their home world known then as Earth.

The Terran Human war ended with the start of the “faction” or “culture” wars; these wars sprung up as the Terran Human war threatened to wipe out individual cultures of the Earth. It was at this time that both Human and Terran realized there first loyalty was to their immediate peoples as a culture not as a genetic signature. The Terran and Human survivors forged a lasting semi-peace by agreeing that the bulk of the population would leave earth and take to the stars such that the Earth and the cultures they held dear could be preserved by practitioners or “clergy” and the pilgrims that visit them preserving ways as they were in their respective golden ages. Over the next few centuries the Human race faded from existence now completely replaced by Terran. The exact date of extinction is unknown as definitions differing Human from Terran became blurred during this age.

It is of note that while all Terran associate with a “primary” culture most have loyalties to multiple cultures which spurred the formation of multi-culture Terran factions such as the Faith, the Inquisition and more recently the Faction. From a historical point of view this very same unification to diversification to unification cycle can be seen throughout known Human and at the micro level Terran history.

On Terran capabilities;
All Terran capabilities adhere to the laws of physics but at such a level of understanding that few other races can make the logical connections. Having conscious control over themselves and their immediate environment at the lowest levels affords them capabilities that appear to defy physical laws such as LOS teleportation, LOS telekinesis and variations of mind control either by illusion or direct manipulation of memory and so on. The most notable of these capabilities is the ability to exist without a body.

The “incorporeal” nature of Terran’s can be explained by understanding that Terran like all beings exist on multiple planes [reference planer travel or jump travel]. As they are conscious at the lowest level of their existence they are able to anchor to and manipulate various points across the planes in which they are aware. class=GramE>Terran’s do not appear to have a natural life expectancy and seem to continuously mature gaining access or consciousness on an ever increasing number of planes. In more simplistic terms a Terran may “anchor” there consciousness to any compatible avatar which is accessible via jump from the location of any other avatar similar to the navigation network of jump enabled ships. Terrans form webs of links throughout their lives as they are able to inhabit or co-inhabit any being or machine complex enough to support their consciousness the death of an active avatar while disturbing is of little threat to their continued existence.

The myth of immortality in the context of class=SpellE>Terran’s is related to the above incorporeal nature of class=SpellE>Terran’s coupled with their “deep integration” with inorganics they can not only survive the death of their birthed body but even reconstitute it either from its remains or from raw elements. Terran’s however can be killed if there “anchors” are all severed this however is incredibly difficult even for a Terran and is further aggravated in that class=SpellE>Terran’s continuously mature and consequently can maintain an ever increasing number of anchors rendering them quite difficult but not impossible to kill and there for not immortal.

On “integration” as eluded in the previous texts class=SpellE>Terran’s interact with and relate to inorganic components in the same manner as they do there organic components. Integration refers to the degree in which organic and inorganic function together for the benefit of the whole. Integration appears to be a “genetic” trait passed down from parent to child but is also learned and matures or evolves over the life of the Terran. This integration must be controlled consciously however while new-borns possess the potential of their parents they lack the conscious understanding necessary to effectively manipulate there inorganic components much less there environment and far from being able to anchor to foreign bodies as such youth mortality rates amongst Terran are very high even in comparison to the younger races this is further aggravated by the belligerent nature of Terran’s which peeks at adolescence well before there full capability is realized.

As an extended note it is possible though exceedingly rare for Terran to successfully mate with non-Terran beings. Cross race breeding is made possible by the fact that only a portion of their genetic makeup is organic the bulk being inorganic and thus not subject to genetic compatibility limitations. The rarity of such unions is many fold, in once case Terran young are fragile and not well suited for most Type E planets and completely in capable of surviving on any other planet type as such Terran female non-Terran male couplings are not as successful as Terran male to non-Terran female couplings. A second aspect is due to persecution both from Terran and non-Terran; the resulting offspring is not as capable as a full Terran however is generally held to the same standard or treated more harshly depending on the mix this regardless of the tolerance of the culture the child lives in due to the warlike nature of all Terran’s. class=GramE>while the aforementioned and others account for a notable % of mix fatalities the most common by far is illness; as the resulting offspring is uniquely mutated medical treatment is at best a guessing game.

Side effects of Terran cross breeding has reportedly produced nanite mutations in their non-Terran mates; these claims are as of yet unsubstantiated however if true could result in a near complete ascension for all compatible races aka humanoids. I theorize the cause for such a mutation being the gestation of a nanite child in a non nanite mother; prolonged exposure and the period of shared resources between mother and child may well result in a stable nanite mutation in the mother which would be better equipped to handle illness and far more treatable assuming biomass genetics remain similar.

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