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Galactic Strategy | Tactics | Action! Found an empire and expand across the stars, command massive fleets in interstellar conflicts and pilot powerful warships as you battle for victory in Heathen Engineering’s Terran.

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Jan 4 2014 Anchor

Here is what we plan thus far ... let us know what else you might want.Please keep in mined these are plans; we hope to do them and are working toward them but the game is still a WIP (work in progress) new features may be added, old ones changed or removed and if you contribute to this thread you can help guide that change for the better.

  • Story & ad-hoc Action game play
  • Story & ad-hoc Tactical game play
  • Story & sand-box Strategy game play
  • Story & sand-box Empire building
  • Buildable, shareable ships (mod-able) using in-game, in-game-context editors
  • Custom/mod-able missions (mod-able) using in-game, in-game-context editors
  • Bounty hunter game play with story tie in
  • Evolving market, resource gathering and trade functions
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