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Isolated pixel is proud to present our NEXT PROJECT!
We are going to focus on this project as we never did on anything before, setting everything aside and giving all our time and effort to this game. We want to re-create our childhood experiences and present it to you in our way, what WE think a 2D side-scroller RPG game SHOULD be!

for years, this kinds of games kept on swarming and coming out from different companies yet none of them had achieved what we had expected them to, and after years of studying game development on our own time, we decided to take this matter to our own hands! No more trusting someone else to do what we want to see!

Join us in this journey and give us comments and feedbacks! we will read each and everyone of them carefully and take it all to heart and adjust the game if needed! this game is not just us as a "company" but us as int this "community" !

Vigilante: Rebellion is a unique 2D sidescroller RPG as it takes you out of your normal comfort zone of using the arrow keys and makes you use the "WASD" keys along with the mouse in order to bring a new experience, from skill shots, to normal attacks, to just talking to the NPC, have one hand on the keyboard and another on your mouse. This will allow more control on your skills and could help with quick escape from swarms of monsters or perfect casting when needed.

**all graphics in this game as it is not even in it's alpha stage, are place holders ONLY
**expect a lot of changes and adjustments
**Feel free to comment and send us feedback!

*Project DG = Project Dream Game, name subject to change!

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Before we start!

Please, we need your feedback! Do you find this game interesting? Do you have any comments / suggestions? At this moment, I am working on this game by myself, and motivation is hard to come by. Any type of shout-out will or even if one person anticipates or like the idea of this game would be great and highly appreciated. Please, leave a comment, or tweet at us on twitter @_isolatedPixel , no, we do not have a "bot" on twitter, it's just me, the programmer and only developer at this moment of this game until I achieve a certain point where the game is good to go and just needs more assets.

Who is making this?

Right now, it's just one person, me! I'm the programmer, and right now "artist" too, even though my art skill are horrible... but I did manage to draw this character!... yea, it could be better, anyways, everything in this update is made by me, and myself only. My friends who were working on this with me are busy with College work at this moment, so yea, I'm on this solo mode. My hope is for the game to get enough popularity that I could start paying other people to help me out and make this game real! I program this using LWJGL and Java, I have about 5+years of experience with java, and about 3 of them were messing around with code and making random games, however, they all ended up in the drawer, but not this one! I'm going all out with this project! so bear with me!

Now for the updates!

New Sprites

Changed sprites! we have different sprites now; no, they are NOT perfect, I drew them by myself, and I am nothing close to an artist, I'm just a programmer with a bamboo tablet... and apparently too much time at my hands... haha the following screenshot is directly from the game.

New Character Model

The character in this GIF is holding a basic weapon, and no clothes... but wait!
I also added an "armor" capability, which means that you character can now wear clothes!

Wearing armor

Now as you can see, the clothes you wear actually change your stats, along with you appearance! the stats are another big update!


Stats alter the way the character feels and the way you will perceive your enjoyment and style of your gameplay. This will all depend,

Adding Stats

  • if you upgrade your STR (Strength) you will do more damage with physical objects and be able to carry heavier equipment like armor or weapons. This will also increase your Health pool!
  • If you upgrade your AGL (Agility) you will do more damage with precision base weapons like throw-able shuriken or other long rage abilities, it will also make your base speed faster and ability to jump higher.
  • If you upgrade your INTL (Intellect / Intelligence) you'll do more damage with magical attacks, and will depend on them. it will also increase your Mana pool!

These stats will have more impact in the game later on, at this moment this is all we added to each individual stat.

If you noticed, there is also a "Crit Chance" which will tell you what are your odds of hitting a critical hit, and "critical DMG" which will say how much bonus damage it will do in addition to it's base damage.


Your equipment now carries stats along with it! Each piece of clothing, or weapon, can carry stats to boost your base stats (will be indicated as "(+x)", where x is the amount total from your armor/weapons.) in the following GIF you can see how my bonus stats change when I switch from the "M(agic)" marked weapon to the "P(hysical)" marked weapon.

Changing Weapons


There are 3 different types of projectiles at this moment, physical "projectile" which is a slashing sprite, Magical projectile which is a light blue ball of magic, and a ninja star projectile for ranged weapon.


Magic Attack

this is relatively slower than the other projectiles, because we wanted it to feel "calmer" than the faster throwing "ninja" style of ranged weaponry. of course, there will be more types of magical attacks later on.


Physical Attack

this is a simple slash img, the color will change depending on different variables in the future.


Ranged Attack

this is a fast paced weapon, throwing some throwing stars like a ninja!

The different weapon types are not balanced at this moment, but they each take their damage from different stats. we will add more weapon types and skills in the near future. for now this is just testing.

Thats it!

That's it for this update, this is not all of what we worked on, but these articles take a heck of a lot of time to make, and this is without adding an edited version of gameplay... which will be included in the next article covering more of what had changed!

Again, please, comment, follow our project if you like where it's going, we are going to scratch the name and think of a new one, we are working on a lot of modding tools for the modding community to be able to make your OWN adventures in this game with ease.

check out our website IsolatedPixel.com
and our twitter and facebook:

Subsrcibe to our YouTube Channel for new updates! CLICK HERE

(There will be a video next update, so make sure you subscribe to see it before it even gets here!)

Another update, another art...

Another update, another art...


This update is all about the art of the game, and where it is headed to.

Major Update Coming up!

Major Update Coming up!


The beginning of 0.0.8.xR is happening! this is all about making the game playable! we are working on stuff from formulas to hp and mp, all the way to...

World editor in action, new menu, hiring new character designer!

World editor in action, new menu, hiring new character designer!


New Menu added for introduction, hiring new character designer, and a new video about the world editor in action! check it out! btw, we also hit place...

Vigilante Rebellion - Working Inventory! Character Customization! Logger!

Vigilante Rebellion - Working Inventory! Character Customization! Logger!


This update includes a new and working inventory, enemies dropping items and money, and character customization! oh and also a new name for our game!


this game over all for now seems pretty good i like the art style reminds me of games i used to play as a child or a beginner(lol) i hope this project will work out for them and i hope i can play it sometime in the future, keep on the good work guys!

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