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Project Aron is a first-person fighting game which employs a tactical use of elemental magic in a competitive multiplayer environment.

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This 2 minute clip of audio acts as a soundscape designed with the purpose of illuminating the world of Project Aron.

The player perceives all sounds and sights from the first person and should feel emerged in the landscape of steampunk technology that fills the alleys, streets, and rooftops of this partially demolished city setting.

The player begins this soundscape from within a building of gears and pulleys and opens a door into a wet and dripping alley that is the exit point for many of the buildings steam pipes that power the mechanisms within them.

The sounds of dripping water, escaping steam, and the ambiance of our mechanized city should be recognizable at several depths and angles in the players field of hearing.

The player passes some of these wet alley features into a wider field of hearing in the city streets where a waterway passes them on one side just before thunder marks the coming of the rain. To escape from the rain the player opens a door into a nearby building and ascends some wooden stairs to the roof where the sound of wind blows the canvas cloth of a tattered awning.

(The rain has been removed for the purpose of sharing the subtle sounds of the rooftops).